Tell-Tale Signs Your Home is in Trouble

Tell-Tale Signs Your Home is in Trouble roof leaks

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We all know that our homes won’t stay as perfect and pristine as they were the day we bought them – wear and tear is inevitable – but many of us don’t know what problems to look out for that could indicate that our properties are in trouble.

Without knowing the tell-tale signs of trouble, we can end up leaving problems to languish and get worse for too long, putting our properties under serious threat.

If you don’t want a major disaster to threaten your home, here are some tell-tale signs of trouble that you should get sorted straight-away:

Roof Shingles that are  Missing or Broken

One of the biggest indicators that your roof is in trouble are shingles that are broken or even worse missing. If you don’t call in a roof repair company the moment you notice these, chances are your roof will begin to leak and you might even start to notice patches of mold growing at the top of your property. That’s the last thing you need, so get it sorted!

Blocked, Separated or Leaking Gutters

Tell-Tale Signs Your Home is in Trouble gutter problems

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You should make it a point to do a quick inspection of your gutters at least once a month, more in the fall and winter, because, if your gutters are blocked, separated in any way or leaking, the water that they’re supposed to safely transport away from your home, could leak and damage your foundation, and believe me, it’s much easier, and more affordable to fix your guttering than it is to call in a foundation repair company to sort out a problem that need never have happened! Cleaning and repairing your gutters is a small price to pay for a healthy home.

A Very Dirty Chimney

Chimneys, by their very nature, are pretty dirty things, but if you have a chimney on your property and you’ve noticed a significant buildup of soot to the point where it’s falling down and blocking smoke, you need to get it professionally cleaned right away because it could cause a fire!

Flickering Lights

Lights that flicker or tend to get dimmer at certain times are almost certainly an indicator of old, failing electrics and that means that your home could be in danger, and more importantly, so could you. It’s time to call in a qualified electrician to fix the problem. Yes, rewiring the house might be expensive, but a fire could burn down your house or even kill you, so now is no time to scrimp!

Cracks In the Foundations

Tell-Tale Signs Your Home is in Trouble cracked brick foundation

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If your foundations are cracked, buckled, gaping or pitted, then you have a big problem, and although it might be rather expensive to have the foundations fixed, it’ll be a lot cheaper than sorting out a house that’s literally sinking into the ground or falling apart.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew aren’t just unsightly; they are blights on the home and possibly your health. They look bad, smell bad, cause the structure of your home to deteriorate and make conditions like asthma and chest infections even worse. Banishing them to oblivion is essential.

If you notice any of these problems in your property, act now if you want to save money and save your home!


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