3 Worrying Ways The Wicked Weather Wreaks Havoc On Your Home

3 Worrying Ways The Wicked Weather Wreaks Havoc On Your Home


Weather damage and your home are two things most people have to deal with in life. When you think about weather damage, flooding is the main thing that comes to mind. Most of us only hear about homes being damaged by wet weather, causing leaks and floods indoors. But, there are also plenty of other ways the weather wreaks havoc on your home. If you know what they are, it might help you prevent the problems from happening, and protect your home from bad weather.

Discoloration From The Sun

Most people assume that bad weather is rain, snow, sleet, and hail. Therefore, they think winter time is the only cause for concern. However, extremely hot conditions can also be very bad for your home. In particular, when it’s very sunny and you have rays of sun beating down on your home for hours a day. In this scenario, your home is in danger of suffering discoloration on the inside and out. Plastic window fixtures can change color and start to look pinkish. Anything inside your home that gets hit by the sun through the windows can also change color too. It will look like your home has suffered sunburn, and a lot of your items can get ruined. The best way to avoid this is to try and keep the sun out of your home for long periods. Close your blinds or curtains for a few hours to protect your things.

Cracks In The Exterior

Cold weather, accompanied by strong winds, can really batter your home. Especially if you endure these weather conditions for a good few months every year. Eventually, the outside of your house starts to develop cracks and chips, meaning you need to replace your siding and roofing, which can be costly. The cold temperatures pretty much freeze the outside of your house, and the wind blows hard, causing your roof or siding tiles to become more brittle and more susceptible to breaking. The best way to avoid this is by installing modern and strong roofing and siding, to help protect your home.

Rusty Door Locks & Gates

Wet weather doesn’t just mean your house is in danger of leaking, it also means rust is a serious issue. Door locks, hinges, and gates are all the main victims of rust. Your front door can become very rusty if you’re not careful, meaning the lock gets damaged. But, it’s probably your garage door and gate that are the most at risk. I’ve seen so many front gates rendered useless as they’re just rusted over. Likewise, some garage door locks and hinges have completely fallen off thanks to rain and rust. The best way to avoid this is by rust-proofing everything. Paint your gates with rustproof paint, cover your locks and hinges in things that help prevent rust.

Now, you can see what the weather does to your home when it expels its wrath. I chose these three things as they’re often not noticed by homeowners until it’s too late. By understanding the damages that can happen, it should help you learn how to prevent them, and ensure they never occur in your home.


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