5 Best And Most Stunning Motorcycle Routes in California

Pacific Coast Cruise

Famous for being considered as one of the great places all over the world to ride a motorcycle, California boasts of picturesque thousands of miles roads. With its varying altitudes, meandering roads and stunning terrain, California is the perfect place to enjoy a bike trip alone or with your peers. Here is a list of 5 best motorcycle roads in California to guide you on your journey in exploring a joyful adventurous trip in California:

  1. Pacific Coast Cruise

The Pacific Coast Cruise has a road length of 127 miles and considered as one of the top pictographic routes in the USA. Facing the ocean is the terrain that will blow you away while the inland turf territory exhibits different redwood forests, waterfalls, bountiful valleys and colorful meadows full of wild flowers. Witness a variety of animals in the habitats near the water such as seals, otters, and pelicans as well as sharks and whales in the ocean. Featuring a vigorous number of climbs drops and turns, the roads are perfect for all bikers from all walks of life. The route leads you from highway 1 starting off on Monterey CA until you reach the end of Morro Bay or the other way around.

  1. Route 36

route 36 california

The Route 36 has a road length of 140 miles so for those who seek for a scenic view while riding a lengthy motorcycle trip; this route may not be for you. For adventurous bikers, you will enjoy the twists and turns of this route ideal for your rugged excitement. You will have to take a lot of caution on some long roller-coaster like descents without guard rails. Remember to focus on the road to avoid any accidents as you will surely face abrupt appearance of other travelers. The route leads you from highway 36 at Redbluff, CA then travel west going to Fortuna, CA. You will realize you are on the correct route soon as you see the road sign that says “Next 140 Miles” below the arrow.

  1. Angeles Crest Highway

Angeles Crest Highway california

The Angeles Crest Highway has a road length of 66 miles. Just a few minutes far from downtown Los Angeles, CA, this route presents you with rural mountain views filled with alpine landscape. View more mountain peaks and woodlands during your trip. Expect lots of twisting roads and some portions are elevated to as high as 7,000 feet or more. The road is still in good state as it is not that old yet, plus only traffic would consists of locals, vacationers, and sight viewers. The route leads you when you take Highway 2 East starting off in La Canada CA until the end of Wrightwood, CA.

  1. Sonora Pass

sonora pass california

The Sonora Pass has a road length of 79 miles. It is a majestic landscape where you can view mountain peaks covered with snow. You will also witness the wild flowers as well as the wild life, meadows, waterfalls and numerous trees species. On winter time, they close the road though you may still have a sight of snow on mountain peaks when summer ends. Though constricted and steep, the roads have unexpected drop offs so if you lack experience, better ask a veteran to cycle with you for the first time before your go back on your own. The route leads you when you take Highway 108 towards East starting off in Sonora, CA until it reaches intersection on Highway 395.

  1. Death Valley

Death Valley road california

The Death Valley has a road length of 287.43 miles from Sacramento CA if you take the southeast direction.  Considered as a route that can present you with the most captivating landscape on the planet, the Death Valley will create mark on your memory with the desert scene after your initial ride.  The marvelous mountain scene is contrasting from yellow to green to rust brown depending on the season. Wild flowers spread over the valley drawing attention of riders who love to watch and appreciate the wonders of nature. The route leads you when you take Highway 395 from the East towards South out of Baker on I-15 or from the north at Scotty’s Junction off NV 95.


California is one of the best places to visit in the US. And true adventurers will surely love to experience its beautiful loads in their motorbikes. If you are an avid motorcycle rider, just plan your next motorcycle road trips in one of these beautiful roads. To stay safe and feel comfortable, consider wearing one of these dirt bike jackets while riding your bike.


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