Fish oil supplements: Benefits come with side effects

Fish oil supplements in bottle

Most health concerned people like to consume fish, especially for its richness in proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. Instead of consuming fish, some people prefer consuming fish oil supplements for the same. Fish like mackerel, tuna, salmon and their skin tissues like that of Whale blubber and seal blubber are rich in such beneficial oils.

Among the most renowned oils extracted from fish is the Omega-3 fatty acid, which is commonly used to enhance one’s mental abilities, physical health of the newborn babies and few other minor aspects. Also, the fish oils are reported to lower triglyceride levels, regulate blood pressure and even help to reduce the chances of strokes or irregular heartbeats.

Doctors recommend patients suffering from depression, bipolar disorders, ADHD or mental impairment to consume fish extensively. Even for weight loss, fish is a wonderful eatable. But, apart from its beneficial characteristics, fish oil consumption has been reported to bear certain side effects. Consumption of fish oil supplements, mainly the Omega 3 fatty acid supplements can have undesirable side effects which include nausea, belching, and in certain dosages might affect the immune system making the body susceptible to infections.

Side effects may differ from person to person and depend heavily on the dosage and consumption schedule. A person’s eating habits and age also play a major role in deciding the effect of fish oil on the body. Fish oil contains toxins like mercury in considerable amount, and so consumption in excess may lead to brain damage, blindness and seizures among children. Among pregnant women and nursing moms, consumption for fish like shark, tilefish must be avoided and the intake should be limited to 12 ounces a week. Among diabetics, being heavy dependent on fish oil supplements can make managing sugar levels difficult.

In case you don’t wish to give up on your fish consumption or fish oil intakes, here are a few ways that can be used to control and minimize the fish oil side effects among users.

  1. Monitor your dosage, and keep it in check
    One of the best ways to ensure prevention against side effects of any medication is to start the dosage at the bare minimum. This will help you monitor the response of your body to the ingestion of their foreign compounds, and in case of any undesirable effects, the symptoms can be controlled easily. Once your body adapts to these supplements, you can increase the dosage to the prescribed levels, gradually.
  2. Couple the intake with the meals
    One of the common side effects of fish oil based medication is nausea. By coupling a snack or meal with the medication can help reduce the chances of nausea and reduce the effect of the compound.
  3. Ensure buying good grade pharmaceutical products
    There are innumerable fish oil (omega-3 fatty acid) supplements in the market, but not all meet the regulation or maintain pharmaceutical grade. So, it is advised to research and check the composition of the supplements before opting for it.
  4. Beware of fish protein content
    Some cases have been reported of people being allergic to fish proteins and intact of poor grade fish oil supplements can lead to adverse effects. Get yourself checked, before opting to start these supplements. Also, ensure that the capsules are of plant-based origin.
  5. Consultation is an important aspect
    It is strongly recommended to consult a doctor or pharmaceutical expert before starting any kind of medication. Some medications might have undesirable interactions with other drugs and this may lead to side effects. Also, if you are already taking any medication, consult a doctor before starting on these nutritional supplements.
  6. Prefer Enteric coated fish oil
    People consuming fish oil supplements have commonly reported to have experienced upset stomach and belching. With Enteric-coated capsules, this can be reduced substantially. The coating prevents the capsule to dissolve in the stomach. Once subjected to the digestive enzymes of the intestine, the pill discharges its contents. Thus the chances of belching are reduced to bare minimum.
  7. Prevention against toxins and contaminants
    Fish based products are most likely to contain high levels of mercury, toxins and contaminants. It is strongly advised that consumers make note of the contents of the pack. Also, ensure to buy high grade product and look for certification, if any.

Though the odds of being subjected to any side effects from consuming fish and related products are statistically very low, and as compared to the benefits provided by these supplements, the side effects are negligible. However, prevention and awareness is better. So, in case you seem to experience any undesirable effects or any side effects, seek professional help and also avoid any sort of overdose.  To conclude, Fish oil supplements may have some side effects, but the benefits surely surpass itscons. Check out more great supplements from this site as well:


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