4 Beauty Tactics To Overcome Living In A Dry Climate

4 Beauty Tactics To Overcome Living In A Dry Climate

Living in a dry environment can wreak havoc on your skin, nails, and hair. Even if you spend quite a bit of time trying to stay healthy and hydrated, you can still end up dealing with issues such as redness, dry patches of skin, brittle nails, and split ends. Here are a few simple beauty tips that will help you quickly and effectively take care of those issues.

Drink More Water

Everyone who lives in a dry environment needs to increase their intake of water and other fluids. You also need to avoid consuming diuretics like alcohol and caffeine. If you are having a difficult time keeping track of how much water you are drinking, then you might want to invest in a large refillable bottle with hash marks. Throughout the day, you can quickly glance at the water bottle to make sure that you are meeting your hydration goals.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

Dry air can be harsh on your skin, but direct sunlight is often much worse. In a dry environment, it might take you a week or longer to recover from a single moderate sunburn. Constant exposure to direct sunlight in a dry climate will also increase your risk of premature lines and wrinkles. Whenever you plan on being outside for a long period of time, you should cover your skin with wide brim hats, loose clothing, and beauty products that have some type of sunscreen inside them.

Have A Central Humidifier Installed

Turning on a humidifier just before you go to bed is a great way to protect your skin, hair, and nails. While some smaller humidifiers are good for offices and other small rooms, you should also consider having an HVAC contractor, like Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning, install a central humidifier. These devices will cover multiple rooms at the same time, and they rarely need to be adjusted after you have set them up the first time.

Don’t Neglect Your Diet

Everything that you eat throughout the day is going to impact your appearance. Unhealthy and processed foods will dry out your skin and increase your risk of an acne outbreak. Fresh produce and lean protein sources, on the other hand, can protect your skin by providing the nutrients your body needs. You should also eat plenty of foods that have omega-3 fatty acids including mackerel, herring, lake trout, tuna, and salmon.

In addition to these few tips, you might need to experiment with new beauty products until you find the perfect combination for your hair and complexion. Beauty products that work well in a humid environment are generally not as effective in a dry climate.


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