How To Prevent Leaking Balconies?

Leaking Balconies overlooking view

A leaking balcony means a lot of risks and also is an indicator of the acute damage caused to either the balcony structure, tiles or even other issues. However, along with this there is no denying that it also means that your balcony aesthetics go for a toss. Who wants to see the signs of damp and other similar hassles on the balcony and combat these issues every day. There are many companies available in the market, who works for repairing leaky balconies. They work for re-sheeting, repairing seals and grouts, high pressure cleaning and tile removal and repairs.

Problems with leaking balcony

  • But there are also a lot of other issues that come into play. One of the first problems here is decay and rot on the balcony, which will eventually spread down the external walls.
  •  And the same can also affect your internal walls too. Besides this, there is also the discoloration for walls along with the ceilings. This happens due to damp and as mentioned, it means that your balcony looks shoddy. If there are any cracked grouts or missing grouts, then these are sign of a leaking and faulty balcony, so you should undertake the repairing work as soon as possible.
  • Besides these risks, there are also issues that leaking balconies face. For example, there are electrical issues that come into play here. What happens is that if your balcony is leaking then there is a chance or risk of the electrical wires getting damaged. As a result of this, short circuit and other wiring issues would also happen.

Preventing the problem of leaking balconies

If you want to ensure safety and prevent these hassles from happening, then it is important to check the root cause of the problem. Here are some you should watch out for-

  • Is the balcony drained or similar pipe blocked? This is often one of the first major causes for a leaking balcony. In this reference, it is best to get the area checked by a professional plumber and make sure that the root cause of the leakage is combating.
  • Then you should also keep a watch out for the joinery, which leads to the deck. Often this fails and the joinery of the door that leads out is broken or damaged. This prevents smooth flow of water and thus causes leaking balconies. in case of damaged membranes and split seals which allow water to percolate along the perimeter of the walls, you need to hire balcony repairing professionals who use high quality sealants to look after the matter.
  • Is there a visible leak on particular spots of the balcony? You would usually notice that there is a chance of certain spots having more damp as compared to others, as this often leads to major water leaking and in such cases waterproofing membrane would be required under the tiles.

Leaking Balconies pulling up tile

  • In other cases, leaking balconies are caused because of the water running back through and also across the many joists. This can happen from the outside edge too. Do check if the waterproofing membrane was installed in the first place and if not then do so now.
  • Also, you need to take care that all other possible measures for waterproofing and water-fighting the balcony are done. Make sure the waterproofing is done under the doors, frame and other parts leading to the balcony too.

These are some of the simple but important measures that one must undertake to ensure that leaking balconies problem is solved. Besides this, you must also ensure not to delay the leakage solutions. Else the damage caused is much more and it would inevitably mean to added costs and expenditures for you along with the risks mentioned above.


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