What Are The Benefits of Installing Awning Windows?

Awning Windows open all the way

If you want to bring in the natural light and air to your room without taking the chance of letting rain or snow, then awning windows are an ideal solution for you. Since these windows are hinged at the top and sway outward, these are just perfect for getting desired amount of natural air and light through the space that is left below and either sides of glass panel. These types of windows are often installed in bathrooms and kitchens to let the smells and smoke out. However, no matter where you want to install, these windows are versatile and will be a wonderful option for any room and you won’t be disappointed after installation.

The decision to pick awning windows basically depends on the structure of your home or the style you wish to achieve and the price you want to spend. Other than kitchen and bathrooms, these windows are the best option for rooms with limited space, such as single washroom, cloakroom, etc.  Price of these windows depends on some factors such as material, size, and manufacturer.

Why to Install Awning Windows?

Awning might seem like just a fancy unit on a house but they do have numerous advantageous features. When you do the right choice, awnings will add comfort as well as value to your home. Let’s discuss about some of the benefits of awnings:

  • Weather proofing: As the name implies, awning windows create an awning effect since these windows open from the top. These windows are constructed in a way that can protect your house from moisture even if they are open during rainstorm. They also act as a barrier against air passage. All in all, these windows allow little to no leakage, so you can feel natural air and light irrespective of the weather condition.
  • Privacy and security: These windows open only a few inches; hence it is impossible to peep or have a glance of inside view even though the windows left open or unlocked. Moreover, awning windows are typically narrow on the height, so it is impossible for intruders to make an entry to your house even after breaking the window glass. Without compromising on security and privacy, these awning windows provide good ventilation and lets natural air and light in.
  • Good ventilation and view preservation: In any mounting situation, eyes are automatically drawn to the pivot point to view the landscape or outside picture. Horizontal sliders or single hung window doesn’t allow this as the center mullions block the view. So, if you choose fixed windows or picture windows to have an open view, they will cause ventilation problem. On the other hand, with awning windows, you can enjoy the great view while having good ventilation just by placing these windows either at the top or bottom of the fixed windows. Awnings can also be placed high to allow more natural light and air.

Awning Windows lamp on sill

  • Versatility: Windows with awnings are versatile like only few other styles of windows. They provide high flexibility in installation; these windows can be installed higher or lower depending on the needs. These windows can be made using a wide range of materials such as wood, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl-clad, and more. They offer numerous decorating and styling options and they will give a unique look. This will set your house apart from most of the other houses in your neighborhood.
  • Aesthetics: Awning window provides an attractive feature to your home as it opens outward from the top and gives a stylish look. Modern awning windows allow bottom fringe of the window to swing open, creating an innovative contemporary look. In addition, since these windows are relatively low priced, you can give more importance to aesthetics of your home without spending much.

So, make the most of these benefits and get awnings!


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