What you must do if you have unfamiliar sleep disorders

sleep disorders

Sleep is a fun activity and a favorite for many people. Apart from sleep is fun, sleep is an activity that people need so that the performance and performance of the body can always be maximized while awake. Sleep is also the time for the body cell network to repair and regeneration process and the formation of cells. In addition, the benefits of sleep are to fill the power that has been lost used the following day also supports brain function. For children and teenagers, sleep is part of their growth. But unfortunately, there are a number of sleep disorders that can occur in some people. To get over it, of course we need to know the types of sleep disorders.

  1. Snoring

One type of sleep disorder is snoring or another term is snoring. Snoring is very common, but it is an average experienced by parents and also those who are obese or overweight. Even so snoring can also occur in people who are tired.


Snoring occurs when the thrill comes from the throat at bedtime. When breathing, the movement and the air trajectory experience obstacles and this could happen due to the condition of a full polyp or nose. When someone with the problem of obesity suffers from this sleep disorder, it’s all because of the extra neck there is a network that makes breathing even depressed. There are also other triggers, such as sagging of the throat muscles to the swelling of the back tissue of the mouth (usually occurs in the left / right tonsil, the throat, as well as the throat itself). Snoring can also be caused by imperfections of the nasal wall.

How to overcome?

  • Change the sleeping position.
  • Because snoring usually occurs due to supine position during sleep, then sleep sideways can be used as a solution.
  • Cleaning the sinuses so that the flow of air will get better again.
  • Lift and position the head slightly upward by adding a pile of pillows.
  • Lose weight by following healthy diet tips if it is obesity.
  • Avoiding tranquilizers let alone alcoholic beverages. Do gymnastics throat. Steaming for a clogged nose.
  1. Insomnia

Sleep behavior disorder is also one of the most common in which a person would be difficult to sleep even though physically and mentally already so tired. Insomnia is also a condition in which a person cannot get the ideal quality sleep and often wakes up and cannot sleep anymore. According to existing research, insomnia is much more experienced by women than men.


Insomnia can occur due to various factors and whenever it happens it results in the difficulty of sleeping in the long term. The cause of insomnia can be attributed to the comfort of your bedroom or daily lifestyle: head over to Health Listed to see the best pillows for a better sleep. Stress that is part of psychological disorders is also very influential, as well as health problems to the effects of drugs consumed.

 How to overcome?

  • Do not drink caffeinated drinks after 2 pm.
  • Do not drink alcohol a few hours before you go to bed.
  • Trying to sleep early. Avoiding stress.
  • Make a sleeping position as comfortable as possible.
  • Create a comfortable and relaxed room atmosphere. Avoid room lights too room. Warm bath water before bed.

Drink warm milk 1 hour before bedtime.

When the coping is not working well with you, it means you need to start thinking about going to the doctor. Difficulty sleeping and maintaining sleep are two things that really can make your physical longer the quality decreases when happened in the long term. Remember also that moods can get worse when exhaustion from insomnia occurs. This does not rule out it would be a trigger problem in your social life, such as with colleagues, especially with people home and nearby.

  1. Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition of sleep disorders in which the throat wall narrows and becomes relaxed during sleep and eventually causes respiratory distress. Indeed at bedtime the throat muscles will relax and become more relaxed, and generally not disturbing.


Sleep apnea apart from rem sleep behavior disorder is a condition in which the cause is due to the emergence of a relaxation reaction as previously described. It then becomes the trigger of excessive stretching in the muscles of the throat and soft tissue that usually serves to swallow, breathe and talk. Apart from risk factors such as gender, large neck, excess body weight and age more than 40 years, there are also several other factors that increase the risk of sleep apnea such as: Accustomed to excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

How to overcome?

  • Changing lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle is important, namely by avoiding the use of sleeping pills and sedatives, dieting to lose weight for the overweight, and avoid supine position when sleeping (just try to sleep in a sideways position).
  • Do not smoke.
  • Using MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device in which the design of this tool serves as a jaw and tongue barrier so that the respiratory tract is not narrowed.
  • Take the operation. When there is no other way, then the operation is what needs to be done.


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