How to Set up Your Own Home Gym, Whatever Your Budget

How to Set up Your Own Home Gym, Whatever Your Budget
How to Set up Your Own Home Gym, Whatever Your Budget

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You can’t beat the convenience of having your own gym at home. Whether you want an elaborate loft space where you can workout every night with your own equipment, or just need a small corner of your living room to stretch and do yoga, there’s an option for just about everyone to tone up and lose weight without parting with a monthly gym membership and lines for the free weights.

Find the space

Choose an area of your house where you will want to spend time to workout. If you hate the smell or light of your basement, don’t use that; if you can’t stand that your neighbors can see into your loft conversion, stay away from there too. Lounges are often good places for working out, especially if you’re a fan of exercise videos. Make sure there is enough space around you for movement, and that you can store your equipment out of sight as nobody likes a cluttered lounge!

Create a budget

Before you start investing in your home gym, make sure you establish a budget. Work out what you want to achieve, what will work in the space, and how much you actually have to spend before going out and spending it. It is also worth doing some research into what equipment will suit you and your exercise goals and routine. There are options for every budget, but it’s worth checking out a body gear guide for reviews before you go ahead and hand over the credit card.

Keep it simple

The great news is that you don’t need a lot of space or money to set up your own home gym, and you can complete a full workout with limited equipment. Many strength and cardiovascular exercises can be done with limited space or a tight budget, and often some of the most effective workouts are down to simplicity. Follow the basics of good training; working within your target heart rate, loading your muscles and progressing your workouts, and you’ll be rewarded with good results, no matter how elaborate your space!

Photo credit: Pexels

Suit your style

If you prefer the quiet peace and serenity of yoga, design your workout space to enhance this kind of exercise. If you prefer to pound the treadmill or hit the ergo rowing machine, make sure you have access to good music to do yoga to which will motivate you, a TV, so you have something to focus on when you’re going the distance, or a good view out of a window.

Create a plan of action

The best of home gyms won’t be any use to you if never use it. Create a schedule for the week and decide when you will fit in your home workout. It is easy to get distracted by the computer, the kid, going out for lunch, or the telly, so make an appointment with your gym and be sure not to miss it. Then, when you do hit it, go full force into your workout, so you really feel the effect!




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