Which Smart Home Automation System is Best for Me?

Home Automation System outside of home

An automated home offers convenience, energy efficiency and added value to your life. These systems manage your Internet of things, along with the mechanicals, entrances and other parts of your home. Be sure to do plenty of research to choose the best system for your needs.

User-friendly Hubs

Consider how much tinkering you want to do with the home control system. If you are tech-savvy and enjoy setting up devices and individually connecting your Internet of Things, then go for the gold. There are intricate control systems that you can use to control everything from your home theater system to the temperature of your freezer and the shades on your windows. If you would rather have a system that is more user-friendly, go with a basic unit that does not require you to download a lot of software or customize countless settings.

Whole-home Systems

When you are looking for convenience, choose a home control system that can do it all. A comprehensive home controlling unit may require some elbow grease to set up, but your investment of time will be worthwhile in the end. You could select a unit with multiple sensors and accommodations for dozens of devices. This allows you to expand your home’s Internet of Things and keep it connected to the controlling hub. A whole-home system can handle management of the heat, air conditioning, attic fan, refrigerator, coffee maker, home entertainment system, lights, windows and more.

Climate Controlling Systems

Climate controlling systems are one of the first home automation products that were developed. These units allow you to control the temperature and humidity level of your home from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. If you are stuck in traffic and you want to delay the programmed schedule on your thermostat, you can do it with the touch of a button. When you’re on your way home from a baseball game that got rained out in a cold, windy rainstorm, you can tell the system to turn up the heat for your arrival. These systems also help to reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs. Just set the thermostat higher in the summer and cooler in the winter while you are away from the house.

Keyless Entry Hubs

Even if you do not have a bunch of devices in your home that are connected to the internet, perhaps a keyless entry hub would add convenience to your life. A keyless entry hub works much like the keyless entry of a car. You input the code, and the door of your choice unlocks. This could be convenient if you have a child who comes home at a particular time after school or a house cleaning service that arrives at the same time once per week. You would not have to provide a house key or the code to the person, helping to keep your home secure. A hub like this also allows you to contact local police, and it can be integrated with a home security system.

Hack-proof Hubs

If something is connected to the internet, such as a home hub, it is possible for a determined individual to hack it and gain access to your home and everything and everyone inside of it. When considering which type of automation system is best for your home, keep the unit’s security in mind. It might seem unlikely that someone would want to crank up your air conditioner as a prank in January, but most hackers have more nefarious purposes in mind. Be sure to change the unit’s default password and rename its network. Use a different Wi-Fi network for the hub and separate it from the network used by the computers, printers and iPads or smartphones in your home.

Each person’s tech skills are different. Consider how much time you want to spend setting up the controlling system. Keep in mind which features you desire and enjoy the unit’s convenience.


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