Dealing With Pests the Natural Way

Dealing With Pests the Natural Way



They say that prevention is the best type of remedy and the same can be said about household pests. Whether it’s an infestation of ants, bed bugs, or even mice that love to scutter around and chew holes in your furniture, these pests can typically be prevented before they become a serious issue.

There are some obvious signs that your home is being invaded by a pest. There’s the typical trail of ants that probably lead to some soda spill or sugar cube that was left in the open, and there are droppings that would indicate you either have mice or rats. If you suspect that you have some kind of pests, then it’s best to start employing some prevention before it gets even worse.

It’s also a good idea to contact a home inspections service if you suspect there are pests but you can’t find solid proof that something has invaded your home. If you leave the pests for a long time or if you fail to contain the infestation with prevention measures, then you’re going to need an expert pest control service to take over.

Clean up spills instantly

It doesn’t matter if you dropped a biscuit or spilt a bit of coke on the floor, you have to clean these messes up as soon as possible so that rodents don’t get a whiff of food and start to flock to your house. Make sure you have tools and items handy to clean up messes and don’t leave them for too long or else it could have long-lasting effects. For instance, the sweet nature of honey or soda can form into a hard and sticky residue that is hard to clean off and attracts ants very quickly.

Worry about hygiene

To avoid pests such as bed bugs, make sure you clean all of your clothes properly and that you regularly switch your bed sheets so they don’t gather up dust and harbour eggs. Bed bugs typically travel on clothing and the only way you can really have a bed bug infestation is if someone visits your house and passes on the eggs from their clothing. If you have guests staying over, give them fresh bed sheets and ensure you wash them once your guests have left.

Dealing With Pests mice in ground


Close up cracks and holes

Rodents realistically can’t get into your home unless you have a crack or hole somewhere that leads into the infrastructure of your house. For instance, perhaps there is enough clearance under your front door to allow for mice to get in, or perhaps your roofing is loose and there is space for a rodent to climb inside of your loft. Make sure you seal these cracks and holes as soon as possible to prevent more pests from invading your home. In addition, if you want to get rid of dogs’ fleas, check out the aforementioned site for all the best methods on doing so!

Get a natural predator

If you’re tired of dealing with mice or you really dislike spiders, then a natural predator such as a cat will make the perfect addition to your home. Of course, not every cat will be a smart predator that can catch their prey, so if you’re looking for a cat that can defend your house against pests, then make sure you speak to your local pet shop owner to identify which breed of cats would do a good job.

In addition to the recommendation above, there are many more natural home remedies to get rid of mice that you can use in your pest control. Please leave a comment below to share with the audience on how you get rid of and control potential pet issues in (and outside of) your home.


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