Are You Making The Most of the Space in Your Home?

make the most of your home loft


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Love your home, but find yourself wishing you had more space? Maybe your family has grown, so you need more bedrooms, perhaps you’ve started working from home and need your own home office, or do you have guests over the stay regularly and need space for them? The great thing about houses is they can be changed and adapted to what you want. And chances are you have loads of space around your home that you’re not currently taking advantage of. Here are some of the places you could utilize


Is your attic stuffed with nothing but old boxes full of junk, spiders and Christmas decorations? The space above your home is a lot bigger than you might expect, and in most homes is going to waste. A loft conversion will cost you somewhere in the region of $30,000- it’s not a cheap option, but if you need more space in your home it can be an excellent one. It can be the difference between having to move somewhere else and being able to stay, plus it will add value to your home if you come to sell later down the line. Ideal for a bedroom, a space for guests to stay- even for pets!


Your draughty, leaky basement might not seem like the best place to make into a room that you’d want to spend any time in. But actually, the basement is a fantastic space to take advantage of. If you use a waterproofing system like SANI-TRED, there’s no worry of it feeling dank and moist. Adding underfloor heating, and having the walls and ceiling boarded and plastered will immediately make it feel much more like a proper room. From there you will need to find the right lighting to combat the space naturally being darker, using light colors on the walls can help with this too. It would make the perfect teenage hangout or additional living space, games room complete with home bar or anything else you want.


If you have a large garden and not enough space in the house, there are some clear changes that need to be made! You could go with a basic extension, taking some room from the garden to make the home bigger. A double story extension would allow you to make your kitchen or living space bigger as well as add another bedroom and bathroom upstairs. Other options you could consider are conservatories or orangeries, which make ideal dining areas or a garden room. This is particularly useful if you want an office, hobby room or teenage hangout space that’s separate to the house but still on the property. These rooms are fully insulated so aren’t just like a draughty garden shed. They’re fitted with electricity, so function just like any room in the home but have the advantage of being separate. They’re cheaper than extensions and planning permission is rarely needed.

Have you utilized any of these spaces in your home?


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