When It Comes to Your Home: Think Outside the Box

think outside the box chalkboard

Think outside of the box

Have you ever considered being a bit more ‘out there’ and experimental with your home design? Have you ever considered giving it a complete revamp during your next big renovation and redesign? Have you ever considered not wanting your home to be a clone of the other ones on your road? If so, then you can easily make it a creative hub and hotspot; and, if you’re worrying, yes you can do so tastefully.

You can start your creative revamp in the room that many consider to be the hub of the home: the kitchen. It is a room in your home that can be much more than just the place where you place your refrigerator and sink. It’s a place that doesn’t just have to be practically pleasing; it can be aesthetically too. A good place to start is by identifying all of the those common place utensils that are used in your kitchen daily and aim to give them a healthy dash of pizzazz. This could include your set of knives, your cabinets and even your bread bin — just because they may seem boring, it doesn’t mean that have to look boring. Your bread bin, for instance, can be made to look far more interesting than your current one probably does, whilst still retaining its ability to look after your bread. There is the Space Master, for instance, that looks as if it wouldn’t go amiss on an alien spaceship and is light-years away from being boring because of its sleek and metallic look, but is still there to accommodate all of your bread storage needs. And your funky kitchen redesign doesn’t have to stop with the bread bin: you can liven up any number of your everyday kitchen utensils.

And once you’re done cooking up a redesign in the kitchen, it may be time for a lie down. Before you do have a rest, however, you should keep your redesign momentum going and get to work giving your bedroom one. This is a room that lends itself perfectly to redesigns, revamps and renovations, but they don’t all have to be ones that stick to a certain neutral tone or colour. Why not go for a funky and retro design the next time you decide to wake up your bedroom? Inspirations found here show that you can do so by combining intense colours, such as lime green and electric pink, with cooler ones like different shades of blue, green and purple. Doing so will make it seem youthful and vibrant, no matter the age of the person who plans to sleep in it. And, sticking with bedroom designs of this youthful ilk, why should children be the ones who are allowed to have all the fun furniture? Anybody can spruce up their bedroom by bringing into it a whole host of different furnishings that are traditionally designed for children, albeit a bit larger in size in order to accommodate any body who wished to use them. You could get a round bean bag chair; you could get a rainbow coloured storage unit; you could get a funky lampshade; or you could get any number of these other pieces of kids’ furniture that really should come in adult sizes. The point is, no matter what your age, looking for inspiration in kids’ furniture is a great way to create a style in your bedroom that is definitely outside of the box, yet still not completely crazy.

woman sitting in bean bag reading

Bean bag chairs make for the perfect places to relax and read

But if this doesn’t tickle your fancy, then maybe channelling your inner minimalist will. You can go about making the most out of the space in your bedroom, especially if it’s on the smaller side, by being as creative as possible with all of your practical needs. For instance, instead of having all the necessities you need in your bedroom, i.e. your beauty regime products, placed on your bedside table, you can suspend tables from your ceiling for them to sit on. This is an unusual way to design a bedroom, but unusual is good when it comes to thinking outside of the box. You can retain this sense of the unusual by introducing a hanging lamp to your bedroom to light up the experience of any guests you may invite to take a look around in there.

There are a plethora of other things you can do with lighting in your whole home that could be classed as outside of the box, and as there are so many different styles of lighting and light fittings to choose from, it’s best to go for one that best reflects your personality. If you are more comfortable living in a contemporary environment, yet still appreciate sentiment, then you should seek to purchase something like the Sabrina Fossi designed ColoredSHAPE. This is the embodiment of the combination of classic and contemporary as it pays homage to the classic bedside table lamp-shade look, yet twists it in a contemporary and pop art fashion by it being wall mounted. But if you don’t care for classic design or sentiment for the past at all, then maybe the option of an EGGlight — a portable LED lamp that can be changed to suit mood — is the perfect choice of lighting for you. If you are the type of person who is prone to fluctuating in mood, and is always on the go then this funky egg is an outside of the box option that you should seek to crack. If, however, these highly futuristic designs aren’t for you and you are more in tune with nature, then there are also lighting options that can mimic the natural outside world inside of your home. One of which is the LED Pear Light; the ‘pears’ are the light bulbs and they hang down from a hand-forged steel tree to create a feel that light is actually growing naturally in your home.

This ‘tree’ makes for the perfect space filler in all those awkward corners that are in desperate need of filling; and there are a whole host of other things that can do this too. A cat tower purchased from Franklin Cat Furniture is the perfect corner-filler for those of you own cats or whose home is a hotspot for all the local cats in the neighbourhood as it offers them a place to play. However, this contraption can also be used as vertical storage area too so you don’t just need a moggy if you wish to purchase one — doing this is definitely thinking outside of the box as it is making use out of something that is designed with a completely different use in mind. Another instance of thinking outside of the box when it comes to making use of, and filling the space of, awkward corners is to introduce a hammock. Yes, you read that correctly, a hammock. This is, admittedly, only to be attempted in bigger corners, but can be done so to add a tone of softness to any room.

You could even, if you are brave enough, take to taking the outside of the box approach outside of your home. You could give the front of your home a huge revamp by repainting it a different colour to the others on your street: doing so will most definitely make it stand out. And if you catch the bug of making outdoor improvements, you can take to transforming your back garden in any number of alternative ways. Create a ground cover that stands out by throwing down a layer of either gravel, slate or pebbles, or maybe even more than one of them at a time, to create a distinct contrast for the grass, and a distinct contrast to the rest of the gardens in the neighbourhood. You can even make the area a whole lot more funky by using a variety of different colours gravels and granite; for instance, you could use grey coloured ones in order to pay homage to an Oriental style. And have you ever considered giving your garden a very modern feel by incorporating glass into it? It will look amazing when the moonlight hits it and doing so most certainly means you are thinking outside the box, because who else do you know that has done that? And that’s what thinking outside of the box when it comes to your home means: doing things that others haven’t, or are too scared, to do.

yellow house between red and blue house

Funky house colours

So, if you find yourself struggling on your next big home renovation, or if you are renovating with the desire to sell, thinking outside of the box is definitely the way to go. Doing so will not only make your home the envy of all of your neighbours, and make it more appealing to prospective buyers, but will also leave a lasting legacy on the home that you hold so dear to your heart. Every new generation brings new renovation styles along with it, so why not make the generations of the future look back to yours with appreciation, and maybe even envy? Thinking outside of the box when it comes to your home is a way to leave a distinctive style mark, so what are you waiting for!


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