What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Cooking Mojo

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Are you feeling as though you are stuck in a bit of a cooking rut? Often, we get into such habits when it comes to food, that many of us are scared to try anything new. Or, sometimes, we are simply lazy, and can’t be bothered to devote an evening to trying out a new recipe. This can lead to a very boring cycle of meals – maybe you cook the same three things every week, for example. Of course, they could be exquisite meals, perfected cooked and seasoned. But after a while, even the tastiest of meals will start to become boring if you have them all the time! However, stepping out of your comfort zone in the kitchen is often easier said than done. You might wonder where to begin, and question your own abilities in terms of what you are competent enough to produce. If you are in need of getting back hold of your cooking mojo, here are some things you can do to restart your love affair with your kitchen.

Find inspiration

The first thing you need to do when planning a cooking overhaul is know the kind of food that you want to produce. If you don’t have anything to aim for, or something that inspires you, it is fairly probable that you will just revert back to cooking the same old thing 24/7. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with what made you want to learn to cook in the first place. Visit some fabulous restaurants and enjoy sampling some of the wildest flavours available – look at local restaurant guides and ask friends for recommendations if you are unsure of where to go. Also, use the internet to scroll through the hundreds of food blogs that now exist, offering first-hand recipes and guides on how to make the best food of your life.

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Get some new kitchen gadgets

You know that feeling you get when you buy a new outfit ahead of a big night out? Well, you can get the same feeling in the kitchen by treating yourself to new some culinary goodies! When you are cooking at home, you are limited to what you can create by the kind of implements you have at hand. Someone with two pans and a blunt knife clearly isn’t going to be able to create a meal as mind-blowing as, say, someone with a myriad of cookware at their fingertips. Look for things that will make your life easier and that will give you better results, food-wise, such as immersion blenders – HealthyButSmart uncovered the best ones here. You could also do with throwing out any cookware that isn’t serving you that well anymore. For example, if the bottoms of your pans are all scratched and peeling, this may be a sign to get some new ones

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Clean your workspace

You wouldn’t go to work to be greeted by a desk covered in papers, files, empty cups of coffee and pens now, would you? So therefore, you shouldn’t expect to find motivation to cook when your kitchen at home is a complete mess. The idea of cooking in a messy kitchen is something that puts most people off, especially as you know just how much you’ll have to clean it AFTER you’ve finally made your meal. Try your best to maintain a clean and tidy kitchen. Make good use of your dishwasher, if you have one – there’s nothing that deters a person from cooking more than a sink full of dirty plates! You will also find that regularly wiping your kitchen down with antibacterial wipes is a great way to keep on top of any mess that accumulates. That way, if inspiration does strike at random, you will be able to get started straight away.

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Have a friend over

Although cooking can be therapeutic, doing it alone can sometimes be a little bit dull. You may also struggle to find motivation to cook just for yourself, as that way you miss out on the praise and happiness you get from the person you have made the food for. With that in mind, having someone over to your place to cook for or with can be a great way to get you back in the foodie game. It can be pleasant enough just to have someone to chat to while you prepare a meal, or it can be fun to make something together. Plus, they do say that two pairs of hands are better than one – so you might find that you end up with a meal that completely surpasses your expectations!


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