Coober Pedy: The Australian Town With Homes Underground

Coober Pedy picture

Australia has shown a record summer temperature recently. It seems like all the climate changes affect this place. While all the country is dealing with the incredibly hot weather, residents of Coober Pedy city stay cool. The residents have built a church, museums, gallery, bar and hotels underground. Now the city attracts filmmakers and tourists to learn how it looks like living on the “red planet”…

The underground mining town of Coober Pedy claims to be the most unusual in the world. It is hidden in the Great Victoria Desert, one of Australia’s underpopulated places. Nearly 3,500 local residents live in mud huts and caves being dug in the chalky clay rocks. At the same time, they enjoy all the benefits of civilization: from furnished rooms with a wardrobe to the modern kitchen with running water. The water is piped from an underground source located in 24 kilometers from the city and 840 kilometers north of Adelaide, the administrative center and the largest city in South Australia.

The harsh climate is forcing locals to leave the ground. During the day the air is heated to 50 degrees and the night temperature drops to zero. But the miners built a real city with the underground church, museums, art gallery, bar and even a hotel for those who want to experience the charm of the underground life themselves.

Coober Pedy landscape resembles the moon’s surface: a lifeless desert with little or no vegetation, extending for hundreds of kilometers. No wonder film directors use it as the living scenery for their films, such as Fire in the Stone, Pitch black, and Red Planet.

Another interesting fact is that Coober Pedy attracts golfers from all over the world. Pretty understandable considering all these open spaces! Players bring their artificial turf, not to damage their putters on the stony ground.

Another attraction is Coober Pedy OZ Mineral Races, Queen of the Desert Festival and the Opal Festival.

The town has many faces. The main treasure is hidden under the ground. This is a world-known place where semi-precious opals are mined.

About 150 million years ago, Coober Pedy was located under the ocean, but after the water was gone, the grains of quartz from the seabed filled rock crevices and eventually harden, becoming multi-colored opals.

Every year, locals gather to celebrate the end of summer by having a parade and activities outside.

This is a great and unusual place to visit. If you and your spouse are sick of a daily routine consider going to Coober Pedy. This site will become a real adventure for you. Besides, it may make a great surprise for the women you like. Women love adventures, especially if they take them to such a warm and romantic place as Australia. After watching the Coober Pedy town you may enjoy the ocean and the exotic nature of the place.

Australia is an exciting place for a small vacation. Where else would you see the pink lake, for example? Yes, it is natural and yes, it is damn beautiful. These lakes are salty and pink because of their flora (pink grass). The pictures made from the height are just fascinating.

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