How to Select a Trusted and Qualified Electrician for Your Home

Qualified Electrician smiling and holding cable

An electrician is often needed for performing maintenance, repairs and any changes to circuitry within the home. Any wise homeowner will keep an electrician on speed-dial in order to get problems fixed as soon as possible. It’s important to choose a qualified and trusted electrician in your area. Choosing the cheapest or an uncertified electrician could put you at risk of damage to your property and it’s circuitry, potentially causing you lots more money and downtime from things working as they should.

Factors to Be Noted While Choosing a Reliable and Qualified Electrician

  • Proper License or Registration: The electrician should be licensed with the local authority, for offering his services in the electrical field. This valid license is the proof that he is a trusted and qualified electrician; because only those electricians are given the licenses that have completed necessary courses in electrical works. In some localities, the trusted and qualified electrician needs to be registered with the local civic body to work as electrical contractors in that specific area. So it is best to check the license or registration of the electrician before hiring him.
  • Essential Qualifications: A competent, trusted and qualified electrician should have a valid diploma in the electrical field and the customer should check whether the electrician has received proper training in dealing with the kind of electrical work that he needs to be done.
  • Sufficient Experience: It is better to hire a trusted and qualified electrician, who has at least 3 years of experience in working as a licensed electrician in that locality. The well experienced electrician will be aware about the regulations imposed by the local authority, regarding the electrical works and the wiring methods for domestic or commercial purposes.
  • Good Reputation: It is extremely important to check if the chosen electrician is reliable enough to do the job safely. The best way to find out about the reliability of an electrician is to ask him to provide some references of his previous customers who can recommend about the quality of his work and promptness of his service. It is even better if the electrician is recommended by any well-known and reliable person who has used the service of this electrician before. If you also search on google things like Brighton electrician you can see online reviews from previous customers if any friends cannot recommend one.
  • Affordable Quotation: Any house owner should take quotation from at least three electricians after describing the nature of the electrical works needed to be done at his home. So he will be able to compare all the quotes and hire the most affordable one, provided he has got other necessary qualities for doing the job. But the house owner should also consider the time duration that each electrician has mentioned for completing his job. Moreover, it should be clarified whether VAT charge is included in the quoted price and if there is any other hidden cost that can be revealed later.

Qualified Electrician looking at wiring box

  • Professional Attitude: It is necessary that the hired electrician has got a professional approach towards his customer, which will be reflected in the attitude shown, while the electrician comes to customer’s house for inspection and declares his quote. If the electrician comes late without showing any valid reason and speaks roughly to the customer, it is best not to hire that person at all. The house owner needs to have a good rapport with his hired electrician, so that he can freely discuss about the electrical problems of his house.
  • Have Insurance: The house owner should make it sure that the hired electrician is adequately insured and that insurance policy is still active; so that he will not have to pay the medical bills, in case of any accident while working in his house. It is even better, if the insurance policy is taken from any locally operating insurance company.


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