Design Your Own Basketball Uniform for Your Team

Basketball Uniform team happy with ball

Designing a basketball uniform for your team will be fun and enjoyable. However, there are several factors that you need to consider when designing it. As this will add to the brand image of your team you will want to get it perfect. Consider the following factors and design a uniform that your team and their fans will love:

  1. Color:

Choosing the right color of the basketball uniform is very important. The color will define the mood in the team and it will portray a message to the team’s fans. Additionally, when considering the color you also need to keep in mind that there will be some other things on the uniform such as team name, team logo, sponsors’ logo and player’s names. So, choose a color that will complement these and make them stand out rather than make them difficult to read.

  1. Font:

There are thousands of fonts available online and you can choose one of them to come up with a unique design for your team’s basketball uniforms. There are simple, fancy as well as wacky and crazy fonts that you could use. So, choose the font according to the mood that you want to set and is appropriate for your team. Also, consider the different elements that you want to highlight with text on the uniform. This will help you choose the right size and also the right fonts that complement each other and stand out rather than looking like a mess.

  1. Logo:

The basketball team’s logo will help you to motivate the team. So have a logo that motivates the team players as well the crowd. Design something that the crowd can relate to and can be loyal to the brand. In this regard you can use online logo designers to create a logo for your team. However, if you want a completely unique logo then hire a professional graphic designer to get a completely unique logo design that will highlight the spirit of the team. Have it printed right in the center of the basketball uniform preferably at the back.

Basketball Uniform red team and blue team


  1. Simplicity:

With so many types and varieties of designs already out there, opting for something very minimalistic and simple is what will stand out and be unique. A simple logo or team name on the backdrop of a plain colored shirt is classy and appealing in nature. The best uniform designs out there follow this mantra of simplicity and they have been the favorite of fans for decades now.

  1. Ask for A Sample:

It is always good to have a sample of the basketball uniform that you have designed so that you can be sure that the ones you get in bulk are perfect. Just having it on screen is not enough. You need to be sure that the manufacturer who is going to make the basketball uniform does a good job of it. So ask the manufacturer to give a sample of the basketball uniform so that you can even run it across your basketball team to see what they feel about it.

  1. Take Professional Help

If you are not sure about your designing skills then you can take help of professional uniform designers. Simply explain to them your requirements and then come up with unique and interesting designs that you can choose from. You can even use online uniform designing platforms to get the design that you are thinking of.

These are just few of the factors that you need to consider when designing basketball uniform for your team. Keep them in mind and design a uniform that is timeless and will boost your team morale.


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