4 Common Boiler Problems and Malfunctions

Boiler Problems water drop water heater

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, a broken boiler is always a nuisance. Problems with your boiler can have a massive impact on your day-to-day life, as well as potentially leaving you in a dangerous situation. You could be left without hot water for showers and baths or for washing your dishes, or even be without heat in the cold winter months. On top of it all, you could be facing increasing costs as the problems continue, unless you find a friendly and professional repair service.

Problems with your boiler can occur at any time, no matter how well looked after it is, and you will probably need to call a professional to help you with your boiler troubles. Issues can arise during the summer, but are especially likely to happen during the winter when boilers are operating more frequently.

Here, Dakota Murphey, an independent content writer working alongside Sussex-based applications engineering specialist App Eng, has compiled 4 of the most common boiler problems experienced by householders.

  1. Pressure Drops

A drop in pressure is a common problem for combi boilers, although not an issue that is exclusive to this type. If your boiler loses pressure it is often likely that there is a water leak in the combination boiler or central heating system. This can also occur if you have recently bled your radiators, which can cause a drop in pressure during the bleeding. A drop in pressure is also a common issue in older boilers. Beware, there’s always a chance that small problems turn into big pains. To make sure your next move is the best one, reach out to licensed professionals like iHeat‘s.

  1. No Heating or Hot Water

You may find that your boiler is not producing heat or hot water. This can be caused by a number of factors and can effect boilers of all types, particularly older boilers because of wear and tear. The most common cause is simply that gas, electrical and water supplies may have been accidentally turned off. This should definitely be checked before calling an engineer to save you time and money. Another simple reason could be that the clocks may have gone backwards or forwards recently, affecting your boiler’s clock and settings. Other causes could be frozen pipes in cold weather, valve failures, low water levels and broken airlocks.

  1. Pilot Light Extinguishing

The pilot light is common in older boilers and is an important part of the system. The pilot light going out is also a typical problem with older boiler systems. A common cause for this is a broken thermocouple, although it could also be caused by a deposit build up in the pilot light, or possibly that it has been blown out by a draught.

  1. Thermostat Issues

Thermostat issues usually happen in older boilers where there is a greater chance of problems such as this. If the thermostat is older it is also much more likely to become inaccurate and also potentially misread temperature settings. It could malfunction further, turning the heat off and on at times that have not been programmed. Before calling an engineer, you should check that the thermostat has been programmed correctly and the right options have been selected.

What you should do

These are just a few problems you might be faced with, although you shouldn’t panic if these do happen to you. If you do unfortunately run in to trouble with your boiler, call an engineer or repair service as soon as you find a problem with your system. When you find that repairs are not sufficient, you should definitely consider getting a replacement and do your homework by checking boiler prices from https://www.compareboilerquotes.co.uk/boiler-prices/

This will reduce the strain on yourself and anyone else living in the house, and help get your boiler back to normal with minimal time spent worrying or being affected by the problems. On top of that, you need to be careful when heading to boiler rentals from a company.


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