What Should Couples Do When Downsizing in Retirement

Downsizing in Retirement happy couples

When the moment to retire comes, couples are left with some amazing possibilities. New experiences await, especially considering that your children are all grown up now and have their own battles to fight. Most retired couples find it unnecessary to live in a really big home and some even opt for travelling the world or moving to the country. But how can this downsizing of the property and possessions be done properly? Well, if you’re short on ideas, keep on reading for some really helpful tips.

Choose wisely

If you’re going to move to a smaller home, it’s essential that you take this process and home-hunting very seriously. The new home shouldn’t only be properly equipped and livable, but you need to consider the layout as well as the entrance to your home. Some retired couples are pretty flexible and fit, but it would still be better to look for a home that provides you with layout that doesn’t present any danger or cause for fatigue as you move around.

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With so many memories and important objects in your life, it can get pretty difficult when it comes to decluttering. Still, this is a step that shouldn’t be overlooked. Not only is it bad to fill up your home with trinkets that mess up the place, but you will only have it harder to move, pack and reorganize your possessions later on. Therefore, make sure to keep only those décor bits and pieces that you’re absolutely sure will match well with your new home without making your place look like a storage shed.

Donate or gift

Decluttering doesn’t mean that you have to throw everything away. There are people who can greatly benefit from the things that you don’t need any more. So, consider donating your unwanted goods to someone who can really appreciate them. On the other hand, some pieces can be used as great gifts. For example, if you have dinnerware sets that you’ve simply never used before, you can gift them to someone who would truly treasure and use them. It would be best to make a list of things that need to be thrown away, those that are up for donation and those that can be gifted to someone else, well before you move.

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Family mementos

You probably have a lot of family mementos and keepsakes that are very likely to occupy most of your storage as well as décor space. When it comes to these important details, you certainly don’t have to throw them away or donate them. Keep only those that hold most sentimental value for you. With some creative ideas and crafty hands, you can use the rest of them to make a nice gift for your children or even grandchildren. They will certainly find a place for these lovely mementos in their own home.

Rent a storage unit

If you simply can’t handle the fast pace of downsizing after retirement, and therefore are left with things that you’re not quite sure what to do with, renting a storage unit can be a good solution. Basically, you will give yourself some extra time and storage space to decide what to do and go through everything that didn’t make the cut for your new home immediately.

Downsizing in Retirement extra stuff lying around

Create your own space

Regardless of whether you want to move or simply renovate your current home so that it fits your needs the best, it’s essential that you have a clear image of what you want. With your own inspiring ideas and professional custom home builders in Brisbane, you’ll be able to bring the perfect home environment to life. Just make sure to have a plan before you start any serious work.

As you retire, downsizing can benefit you greatly. You will have fewer things to take care of, minimize the monthly bills and organize daily chores better. That way, you two can enjoy your new-found freedom to the fullest.


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