7 Reasons You are Gaining Weight

reasons why you are gaining weight

Did your jeans get little snug this morning and you are wondering why? It might not be matter of exercise vs. calories. There are various other reasons for weight gain and 7 out of them are listed below.

Sleep Deprivation

Insufficient sleep creates biochemical changes that increase feelings of hunger which increases fat storage and feeling of dissatisfaction even after eating that leads to binge feeling. Sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours in night.

Anxiety and Stress

It is fine to feel little of stress, however if this is chronic condition, it leads to easy weight gain particularly in abdominal area, because stress release hormones such as cortisol that slow down our metabolisms and tends our body to pack some extra pounds.


Sounds strange, however it’s true, when we are constantly switching the tasks, we aren’t being efficient, which leads to stress out and mistakes occur. A research from Emory University found that individuals who multitask more are less able to control themselves around food as well more likely to overeat.

Obsession to Be Thin

As it is fine to have role model for fitness, constantly surrounding yourself with images of super thin celebrities can actually give you detrimental effect on your efforts. Particularly it tends you to give up your efforts to lose weight and be more likely making unhealthy food choices.


There are various prescription drugs and medications which are commonly used and promote weight gain. Common culprits are anti-seizures medications, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, synthetic hormones, medications to treat diabetes, beta blockers and anti-cancer or anti-cholesterol drugs Read More.

Too Much Traveling

When you travel too much for work, you may gain weight. This is largely due to mostly sedentary lifestyle and frequent dine outs during traveling can lead you bad food choices.

Nutrient Deficiency

When our body is low in certain nutrients such as vitamins, iron and magnesium, it leads to lower energy levels and we usually make up for that lack of energy through overeating or drinking tons of caffeine. When you suspect such nutrient deficiency see your doctor or go through simple blood test to diagnose exact problems. You can also do a magnesium deficiency test online.

The bottom line is that there are several reasons for weight gain which little to nothing to do with diet and exercise. Overall, getting good night sleep, controlling stress levels, exercising regularly, and consulting with a health expert when you feel nutrient deficiency are better way to live a better, healthy and fit life and avoid weight gain.


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