The Japanese Way of Living with Minimal Has Health Benefits – Find Out How!

Japanese Health Benefits

Did you know, the Japanese people living with minimal and almost no furniture is healthy? The living style in Japan leads back to centuries, as far as the thought goes back, and still continues – a simple life with minimalism. Life gradually changes and people get influenced by the advancement, but Japanese people prevail with the same traditional setups, there should be a reason!

The minimalism lifestyle has health benefits! Those that have experienced already have realized how modern way of living does not harmonize with Mother Nature. The biggest understanding is about the impact of furniture on health.

In a study conducted by Dr. Joseph Mercola, the “Sitting-Rising-Test” shows that those who have difficulty in rising from the floor without a help, are already 6.5 times closer to death. The study was based on group of people with ages between 50- 81 years. The article also had suspiciousness pointing towards furniture such as chairs, sofas and raised beds.

“Anything that is high off the ground and does not allow you to be close to the ground or sit on the floor is pushing you away from a healthy life” – Study analysis.

Consider your regular beds with super stylish frames for instance. You’re half life is spent on these comfortable foam or spring mattresses, believing that you’re sleeping perfect. You might wake up with a stiff neck and bad back but would blame hectic day that passed as the cause. Well, yes a tough day can get you tired but cannot give you tough time during sleep!

Your sleep is linked directly to you bed and the posture you keep while sleeping. A bed that was bought at a higher cost and that feels soft and comfortable is not always the best choice. While, your body uses the sleep to rejuvenate and recover from conditions, it requires a place to alleviate correctly. The Japanese have a secret to this – the traditional Japanese futon mattress.

The only piece of furniture that your bedroom need is an authentic Japanese futon mattress. A simple futon bed spread out on the floor directly or lay out on a tatami mat with two small side tables (optional) or lamps and may be a traditional Japanese plant as well. You will love the emptiness of the room and once you become accustomed to the 100% cotton filled Japanese bed, you will wake up feeling blessed every morning.

Here’s a glimpse of what you achieve with following the minimalism rule in your homes, by being on your feet, or at least placing the futon mattress in your bed room:

  • Improved Energy Level and Sleep – Sleeping on a Japanese futon, being closer to the ground, and the benefits of pure cotton fibers will enable you to experience greater levels of energy and deeper levels of sleep. Just consider this as, when you sit on the floor to mediate you cross your legs and this is how you would sit when you are sitting on the floor otherwise. Similar is the effect of sleeping on the floor.
  • Improved Posture and Prevent Back Pain – Another great benefit of sleeping on a futon mattress is that it straightens your spine. The weight of your body disperses properly and you naturally transfer to a better posture. The body alleviates properly and allows the spine to pick a position where the neck and back gets supported accurately.
  • Improved Flexibility – Yoga is known for increasing the flexibility of your joints and range of motions, so does sitting or sleeping on the ground; the body becomes more flexible.
  • Improved Stability and Mental Clarity – As we know that there is no limit to the potential of our brain and its capability of learning – you will be surprised at how improved your intelligence and emotional well being will become. All this is a by-product of meditation and since in this case you’re getting connected to with the ground directly, you are meditating. The higher energy will circulate efficiency and effectiveness evenly.
  • Less Clutter, Less Maintenance, and Less Stress – The greatest advantage of having no to minimal furniture in your home will give you more time for yourself. You will have more space, less work and less to focus on. Less stress always results in leading a better life.


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