Keeping the home fires burning..

keeping home fires burning

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Summer seems to have ended as quickly as it arrived and it’s time to make sure the garden is tidy and ready to receive visitors over the social season.

During the Summer months, we treat our garden as an extension to the house spending time relaxing, eating and entertaining. Don’t be put off as the winter nights draw in. A little preparation goes a long way in ensuring you get to enjoy your garden all year round.

If your lawn is worse for wear, then now is the perfect time to rectify it. Removing old grass clippings and moss makes a huge difference. If you haven’t stayed on top of the moss throughout the Summer, you may need a touch of moss killer first. Driving deep holes into the lawn with your garden fork will improve drainage. Follow this with a touch of lawn feed to protect your lawn from the harsh Winter months ahead.

As for the beds, dig up any old annuals that may still linger. Add a dash of colour to the borders by planting pansies and wallflowers, which will endure through to the Spring.

When pruning perennials don’t be too efficient! Some of these plants have seed heads that look stunning all through the Winter as well as being a home to our insect friends. Spread with compost and leave the worms to mulch it in for you, nature always knows best!

home fires burning

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For the patio, string lights or path markers can brighten up the darkest evening. Whether you choose colour change or clear white lights, both will make a marked difference to the atmosphere of your outdoor space.

Ensure whomever is relaxing in the garden enjoys a cosy place to sit. All-weather furniture keeps things simple. Plastic garden chairs are perfect for this as they are easy to clean not only for the winter weather but also the unpredictable summer months too! Investing in a hardy all-weather set is also an option. Either way, covering outdoor furniture and brushing it down before use makes life easy.

Next it’s essential to keep warm and you have choices here too. Electric or gas, wall mounted or freestanding, an outdoor weatherproof heater bathes you and your guests in a warm glow and allows you to add some glamour to your outdoor decor.

keeping the home fires

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One of the nicest parts of relaxing outdoors on a crisp Autumn evening is wrapping up warm and huddling in front of an open fire.

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of building a huge wood fire you could choose to buy a fire pit. Perhaps go one step further and create your own. There are some fantastic outdoor fire pit ideas ranging from cauldron to gas, simple to adventurous depending on how brave you are.

Keep the fire going with logs and fire starters within easy reach. There is plenty of advice on how to chop firewood or you can choose to buy a bag at a local garage or garden centre. Simple BBQ Tool kits make marshmallow s’mores treats an easy option.

So, get outside this Fall Season and enjoy a crackling fire, snug as a bug under a blanket. Add to that a glass of mulled wine or two while enjoying the fruits of your labour and outdoor living becomes outdoor loving.


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