How to Ensure Your Safety During a Helicopter Ride

helicopter ride safety

A helicopter ride is definitely something to look forward to; the experience isn’t only fun, and exhilarating, but it would allow you to appreciate the beauty of various sights, as well. However, before you hop in, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the safety measures that you should practice during the ride, and here are some of those.

1. Pay Attention to the Rules

Prior to a helicopter ride in Sydney, the assigned pilot would brief you about the rules and policies that you should remember. Likewise, the pilot would tell you when will be the right time to enter and exit the helicopter, and whether you’re allowed or not to move around while riding the helicopter or not.

2. Follow the Signals

You’re probably very excited to enter the aircraft, however, you should only approach the helicopter after the pilot has signaled that you’re allowed to do so.

How to Approach the Helicopter

The safest places to approach the helicopter would be the front right and front left sides. Although it’s alright to walk straight up to your ride, the pilot would be able to see you better if you come from either side.

Never approach from the rear of the helicopter, as the pilot won’t be able to see you at all.

3. Pay Attention to the Rotors

In case the rotors are already running before you approach the helicopter, then you should be very careful as you do. If you’re approaching the helicopter on level ground, we highly advise that you walk to the aircraft in low crouch to protect yourself from any accidents.

4. Secure Your Belongings

Make sure that your personal belongings are secured, and if you’re planning to wear a hat during the ride, then you have to prepare yourself from losing it, because if the item gets blown away, you have to let it go, because if you’d try chasing it, you’ll just hurt yourself.

5. Be Careful When Exiting

It’s always important to follow the instructions of the pilot when going in and out of the aircraft.

6. Don’t Smoke

If you’re a smoker, better save your cigarettes for later, because you are not allowed to smoke within 50 feet of the aircraft.

7. Prepare Yourself

You have to know that a helicopter ride isn’t stable most of the time, and if you’re one of those who gets motion sickness, then you should pop a pill or two prior to the flight. Rest assured that sick bags would also be provided, but if you want to enjoy the ride, it would be better if you won’t feel sick at all.

8. Wear Dark Clothing

If you’re planning to take photos and videos during the ride, then you should wear dark clothing, and avoid moving as much as possible. You’ll be taking shots through a glass window, and you want to ensure that you keep the reflections to a minimum.

Since anyone can book a helicopter, more often than not, a lot of them may not know how to prepare themselves for the ride. The safety tips discussed above would ensure that you’ll be able to prevent any accidents during your ride.

Lastly, the most important thing would be to enjoy the experience and the beauty of the sights. Try your best not to worry during the actual ride, especially if you’re quite certain that you’re fully prepared.


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