Points to Consider While Selecting the Right Flooring Tiles

Points to Consider While Selecting the Right Flooring Tiles
Points to Consider While Selecting the Right Flooring Tiles

House looks great when constructed well, but it becomes a home and looks beautiful when all the interior parts are carefully chosen and put. From ceiling to floor, from furniture to decorations all must match and be functional. Care must be taken to ensure the money spent on the articles is worthy and durable. So when you plan on getting the floors done, make sure you make some research on the different kinds of flooring available. There are many kinds of floor tiles available in the market to choose from. A lot of factors must be considered seriously regarding choosing the right kind of tiles for different rooms of the house and granite repair service located in Las Vegas.

About the different tiles:

There are a lot of natural items used to create amazing floor tiles. Many use hard wood as flooring but ceramic tiles made out of clay and sand are very popular. Ceramic tiles are available in different colors and patterns. Porcelain tiles are also a type of ceramic tiles. Some of the commonly used tiles for the flooring are given below:

  • Granite

One of the most durable natural stone used for flooring is the granite. It is an igneous rock which has the most beautiful shade of pink to grey. The variation of the color of the granite makes it ideal for glamorous and sophisticated home.

  • Marble

Marble is very durable which makes it the ideal choice for floor tiles. You can find a lot of choices in terms of color in this metamorphic rock. With polish the marble can produce a different look and shine.

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  • Bluestone

Bluestone is very tough and resistant to wear and tear. This feature makes it so appropriate to be used inside as well as outside the house. It is actually a type of basalt and has a shade of blue which gives it the name of bluestone.

  • Faux wood

Faux wood provides the warmth of the real wood but is very easy to maintain. These are durable enough to be used in different places of the house.

  • Onyx

It is a soft and transparent quality of stone available in neutral and smooth tone and texture. It is suitable for indoor use on floors and counter tops.

Ways to choose the right tiles:

  • Size

Tiles are available in different sizes from as tiny as 3/8” mosaic to as big as 5’X10’ panel of porcelain. It is important to understand that bigger tiles may give the impression of large space but are difficult to fit them in tiny rooms. Hence it is ideal to match the size of the tiles depending on the size of the room.

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  • Color

The tiles of different kinds are available in different colors. You can choose the color that match the décor of the house. But there are some rules that can be followed to get effective results. Light colors of the tiles can give the impression of bigger space where as darker shades can offer warmth. You can choose neutral color to allow any kind of change in the accessories or make a bold statement with vibrant color. You can lay out some pieces to understand how the color will look in the space. To really brighten up or refresh your kitchen or bathroom, use AtlasCeramics quartz range that offer sparkly tiles in a range of colors!

  • Style according to the space

It is not necessary or right to put the same tiles on the floor in all the rooms of the house. Tiles must be chosen according to use and style. The kitchen area must have tiles that can remain dry, easy to maintain and durable. Clean and non-glossy look can be chosen for kitchen. Natural stone or wooden flooring tiles with little earthly shade can be appropriate for bedroom. More neutral shade and abrasion resistance tiles can be used for living space. Bathroom must have lighter yet more durable kind of tiles.

  • Texture

It is very important to choose tiles with right texture. Matt finish and textured tiles are less slippery than shinny ones which are ideal for bathrooms and kitchen. If you have kids, look for slip resistant natural stones for the house.


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