*In The Dog House*


Need a quick fix to help you out with solving am argument in your relationship? I found this adorable idea that might help you get out of the “doghouse.” I tried it out to see if it might help and it sure did! You end up not even remembering what you were bickering about. This simple gesture shows how much you care, love and that you made a genuine effort. I picked up my stuffed dog at The Dollar Tree and printed the “doghouse” template on card-stock  I then took yarn and paper whole punched the card. I tied the string around the dog’s neck and it looked like a collar. It turned out cute and made me feel good for making an effort. This quick and easy idea is just what is needed to help you climb out of “the doghouse” and back into good standing with your spouse!

I printed the templates on white card-stock

 And cut them out

 My dog I purchased at The Dollar Tree

 I paper whole punched 2 holes and tied them with yarn 

I tied it around the dog’s neck to look like a collar

I then placed my dog and note in a place where my partner would see. My spot was on top of the stairs (hoping he would not step on it!)


  • Paper whole punch
  • Yarn
  • Note
  • Dog stuffed animal
  • “In The Doghouse” printout


  1. Start by writing an apology letter to your spouse.  
  2. Put your letter in an envelope.  Address the letter as if you were to mail it to your spouse.  For the return address, write The Doghouse.
  3. Next, print off this adorable printable. It reads, “I’m so sorry!  Can I come out of the doghouse now?” 
  4. Now, use a plush stuffed puppy to give to your spouse.  (I found mine at The Dollar Tree)  
  5. To finish, put the letter, stuffed animal and printable card out for your spouse to see when they get home.  When they see this, their heart will melt and you will have definitely earned your way out of “the doghouse”.


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