*Candy Corn Cones*


I wanted to try making my own yarn cones. It seemed easy, quick and super adorable once done! Candy corn is my all time favorite candy, even off season. So naturally I am obsessed with it. I went to the store and bought yarn and the cones for this project. I want to say the total cost was $10. This covered two small cones, one large and three different colors of yarn. Cheap easy and quick, I love it! It was mostly a lot of yarn wrapping which did not take too long once I got the feel of it. I have these displayed on my living room coffee table and they are the perfect compliment to all my decorations.

candy corn craft

Yarn, foam cones, scissors and sewing pins are the supplies

halloween candy corn project

I took a sewing pin and using the end piece of yarn, pushed it into the cone

Candy corn yarn craft

I started wrapping the yarn, alternating colors

yarn halloween project

At the top, I used a sewing pin to secure the end piece of yarn

candy corn cone project

I liked the yarn to be “messy” so I wrapped in no order. It was easier this way too

halloween projects

Here is a tall and short cone

halloween do it yourself projects

halloween centerpiece

My centerpiece on the coffee table

easy halloween projects

halloween do it yourself craft


  • Foam Cones
  • Yarn 
  • Sewing Pins
  • Scissors


  • Using the end piece of yarn, push a pin into it pressing firmly into the foam cone
  • Start wrapping (I alternated colors and each time, use a pin to secure the yarn)
  • Once you reach the top, cut the yarn and push a pin into the foam cone, making sure the yarn is secure


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