*Cork Board Fabric Project*

Vertical message cork board

Yay for leftover fabric! It always makes me happy when I have leftover fabric from a previous project.  Why? Because that means I can use it for ANOTHER project! I had enough from the “drawer fabric” craft (my “rookie project”) so I knew I could turn something ordinary into extraordinary! I recently purchased a vertical cork board for messages, lists, etc and thought it was so dull, boring and ugly. I figured I could vamp it up with the leftover fabric I had! Another EASY and QUICK fix! This took me about a good half hour, hour tops! Just a couple easy steps and ta da! I was done and the end result looked fabulous!

Vertical message cork board


I forgot to take a picture of the original cork board, but it resembled this vertical one!

glue gun fabric onto cork board project diy


Take your fabric and cut it so there will be enough to wrap around the back. Fold in the corners and use your hot glue gun to glue the fabric to the board. Press until dry.

Glue fabric to back of cork board project diy


This is what the back of your board will look like after you are done hot gluing the fabric to the back of the board. Wait until completely dry.

Double Sided tape to fabric


To stick to the wall, I purchased some square double sided mounting tape. You can use any alternative if you want! Ribbon would be cute! I just wanted it to look as clean as possible hanging on the wall. Once applied, stick to wall immediately and press hard against surface until the board sticks.

Fabric chalk board project


Here is the board hung up!

End result fabric cork board project


And end result with my lists! It was easy and looks so much better! How I love my leftover fabric!


*Happy Gluing!*



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