*My First Rookie DIY Project*

Use fabric to cover your see through drawers

For my first DIY project I wanted something QUICK and EASY…don’t we all?! Thinking of what to start with wasn’t too hard! I glanced at my vanity in the master bathroom and noticed right away a 3 drawer organizer that I just bought to hold my makeup bags, straightener, curling iron, etc.

It was transparent and you could see the items in it! It looked like a mess! I thought to myself, why not make it classy, more presentable. So I went to Jo-Ann’s fabrics, bought 2 yards of fabric and started my project. All I needed was the fabric, Elmer’s, Modge Podge, super glue or fabric glue and scissors! I measured and cute the appropriate lengths to fit in the drawers and glued them on! No need to be perfect with cutting a straight line…whats great is you can be as messy as you’d like and it’s hardly noticeable!

Once dried, I put my items back in and viola! A successful first attempt rookie DIY project! I have to admit, parts where I did not glue, started to get loose but just put more on and your good to go! Super glue would have the best staying effect! Such an easy way to spiffy up those see-through drawers! And if you ever wanted to change the fabric, just pull it off and glue the new fabric on!

Here’s step by step how easy of a process this was:

drawers before


The drawers before…you can see it all!

glue down


Folding the corners over so the fabric is even with glue before applying to the plastic drawer

glue down


Using Elmers Glue on the plastic and the scissors to cut the fabric for it to fit inside the drawers

glue on inside of fabric

Generously applying glue to the plastic. This is where you can use super glue, fabric glue, velcro or any other alternative to have the fabric stay and stick!

fabric on drawers

Immediately insert and hold the fabric where you have the glue. Hold until fabric is in place!

finished drawers side

I also applied fabric to the sides of the drawers….completes the look!

Use fabric to cover your see through drawers

Finish on all drawers and let dry! Stand back and admire your work! What do you think? So much better!

….And there you have it! Super easy, quick and stylish! You could really have fun with the fabrics…maybe picking different ones for each drawer? And then if you ever want to change it, just peel off and glue again! I was satisfied with the end result…not to bad for a rookie =)


  • 3 drawer organizer: Any “home goods” store. I purchased mine at Wal-Mart
  • Elmer’s Glue (Can also use: Modge Podge, Fabric glue, super glue, velcro, or any alternative to have the fabric stick)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric: Any craft store…I ended up with 2 yards for around $15 and had plenty left over!



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