7 Tips for Planning the Perfect Wine Tour

wine tour

If you want to learn about wines, one of the best ways to go about it is visiting regions and vineyards where these wines are produced. Take a tour to vineyards by booking an appointment with wine producers; they will be more than helpful to take you through the process of producing tasting or even verifying the authenticity of wine. To get you started here are seven good tips for planning the perfect wine tour:

1. Pay an early visit to wineries early in the day

To get the most of your visit to wineries, go at the early hours of the day before the rush sets in. If you go at peak period staffs might not be predisposed to tutor you on the types of wines available. They are less busy in the early hours of the day than in the evenings. The best time to visit is at the off-season period when winemakers are less busy.

2. Don't visit more than three wineries a day

It's wise not to visit more than three wineries a day because doing so will confuse things for you. You won't have the time to be properly tutored on the various types, processes and taste of each wine. Some wine companies require you to book an appointment with them before you plan your tour. Don't allow this deter you because they put it in place either because they want staff to be on-ground for the best experience or because of the various working permits restrictions by regulatory bodies.

3. Make the most of your visit

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Make the most of your visit by incorporating other leisure activities to your wine tasting tour. Some companies now offer restaurant-style dinners and picnic venues to allow visitors to relax and get the most out of their wine tasting experience. If you are a savvy do-it-yourself person you can bring along your own picnic lunchbox bottle of wine from the company and enjoy yourself throughout your stay.

4. Ask Questions

Don't go to the winery without preparing questions to ask. Of course one of the main reasons why you want to visit a winery is because you want to know more about wines. Therefore ensure you are well prepared with the right questions to ask the winemaker. I'm more than certain that if they are less busy with work the will school you on different aspects of winemaking. One of the most enjoyable ways to benefit from a wine tour is by asking questions and learning as much as possible on every piece you see or taste. It is only by visiting a wine tasting facility will you come to appreciate the painstaking technique used to produce every bottle. You can book an appointment with dirtylaundry.ca for a lifetime wine tour experience.

5. Sample and drink in moderation

Nothing can spell disaster than drinking without moderation. On a wine tour, ensure you sample and drink with moderation. In fact when it comes to wine tasting there is no need to drink a glass wine to fully sample it. A little sip will do. Be mindful that each winery we offer you several glasses during a single tour so it’s easy to over drink or get drunk.

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6. Explore beyond what you already know

Wine tours present you with an opportunity to try new things outside what you are used to. Do not restrict yourself to the wines you actually know or wines you have been drinking before. Be on the lookout for other varieties because you never can tell how receptive your body can be to them. You can even start to developing special preferences for other wines.

7. Be Creative

Get creative during your tour and don't be shy to ask for things you normally wouldn't ask about. Ask the winemaker if there are wines available for sale which is not publicly sold in stores. More often than not there should be wines specially reserved for those who ask. Most wineries also have a wine library where they stock old wines, so don’t be shy to ask about them. You might find something you like.

On that note

Remember these tips while you take on a wine tour visit and you will be sure to make the most out of it. Relax, learn and enjoy yourself while you are at it. Take your partner alone and treat yourselves to a picnic.



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