10 of the World’s Cheapest Holiday Destinations for 2017

10 of the World’s Cheapest Holiday Destinations for 2017

Whenever people talk about or want to research on history and civilization, the countries of Egypt and Greece are always on the top of the list. Greece is a country that gave birth to gods and goddesses as well as the Olympic games. To this day, the names of Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Mars and many other gods and goddesses are known by students from all over the world.

It is interesting to note that most of the historical sites such as the Parthenon and the temples devoted to different gods and goddesses are still standing to this day. They have been sacked, looted and burned, but some of the original structures have survived the ravages of war as well as exposure to the elements. There are also a great number of conservation and restoration projects going on in Greece.

It has surprised a lot of people that Greece is included in the list of the world’s cheapest holiday destinations. This is primarily due to the financial crisis that Greece has been experiencing. Income is low and the country is relying more and more on tourism to keep its economy afloat. This is why you can go to Greece and spend several days there without burning a hole through your check book.

The same goes with Egypt. This is a majestic country where the great pyramids are, not to mention the tombs of the great Pharaohs. You can spend many days visiting museums and looking at artefacts from this ancient period.

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If you want to know more about the 8 other countries on the cheapest holiday destinations list, take a look at our very informative and well-researched infographic. Then you can plan for your next holiday.

10 of the World’s Cheapest Holiday Destinations for 2017

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