Can We Really Change Our Future?

Can We Really Change Our Future?


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Is it really possible to have an effect on our future, or is everything already set in stone?

This is something that lots of people ponder on at some point in their lives, usually when they are going through a very testing time. We often try to have a positive impact on our future lives but, even if we believe this isn’t possible, we try to find out exactly what is in store for us.

But what are the various beliefs when it comes to the future? Here are some common beliefs – take a look to see which one you agree with.


Determinism is the philosophical idea that every action, event, and decision comes as a result of something that has happened before. This may sound like humans don’t have any say in what happens to them in the future. However, that isn’t true, strictly speaking. That’s because even though humans, according to this theory, aren’t completely free, they can still have some influence over how much they are dependent on things that have occurred in the past. As people think that they can therefore slightly change their future, many use fortune telling methods, such as Readings with Matt, to see what is in store for them. Even though some events can’t be prevented, knowing about them can help people better prepare for them.


Pre-Determinism is just like determinism but a much stricter version of the theory. Pre-determinism states that every single action, decision, and event has been completely set since the beginning of time. Christians believe that these were all determined when God created the earth, and will all lead up to the end of time. However, atheists and some agnostics believe that they were set at the moment of the Big Bang. But no matter their religious belief, fans of pre-determinism all agree that we do not have any free will and are unable to change the futures that have been set for us.

Free Will

Lots of people are certain that we all have free will and are able to change our future by making our own decisions. These people are known as libertarians as they believe in our complete liberty. ( Thankfully, though, it isn’t just some philosophers who believe that we have free will over our choices and actions. There are also plenty of scientists who think that we have free will too. And that is because the way that our brains work seems to suggest that we are able to act with free will.

Lots of people believe that it is important to give plenty of consideration as to whether we have free will or not, as this will determine whether we have complete moral responsibility or not. If we do have free will, then we are totally responsible for our actions. So, there is no wonder why some people hope that we do have free will even if they aren’t completely sure themselves. And that is why our justice system has been set up in the belief that free will does exist.


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