*Bunny Bait*


 Part two of my Easter treat baking, involved making a type of chex mix. This is called Bunny Bait. It is very similar to my Valentine M&M mix. In that recipe, I mentioned how you can substitute the colors of the M&M’s depending on what Holiday/occasion it is. So I made this with the pastel colors for Easter.

I bought the Easter themed milk chocolate M&M’s, a box of Rice Chex cereal, pretzel sticks, white vanilla Wilton candy melts, 1 bag of white popcorn and “spring” color sprinkles. I lined a cookie sheet with aluminum foil, popped the bag of popcorn and spread it out on the cookie sheet. I then melted the Wilton candies in the microwave and poured it over the popcorn. I also added the rice chex cereal and pretzel sticks. I then used a rubber spatula to mix and combine all of the ingredients, until thoroughly and evenly covered.

Next, I added the M&M’s and colored sprinkles. Make sure to do this step after you already have poured the melted candy over the rice chex, popcorn and pretzels. You want to wait, otherwise the M&M’s and sprinkles would get covered up. I let the mix sit on the cookie sheet until set and it was then ready to eat!

I brought this mix to my Easter gathering with family and it was devoured. I made 3 batches and had no leftovers to spare! I found cute printable’s that had the name “bunny bait” on them and attached those to the baggies I gave away. I was so happy with how it turned out and how much of a hit it was. I believe I will always make this mixture for any occasion that I have or attend.What I also loved most, was not having to bake any of the treats I made this year. Easter was a win-win Holiday for me and was so enjoyable with family and food. Now only if the weather could get warmer!

 1 bag of M&M’s milk chocolate Easter, 1 bag of White Wilton Candy Melts, 2 cups pretzel sticks, 1 bag of white popcorn, 2 cups of rice chex cereal, and spring colored sprinkles

 Empty the bag of white Wilton candies into a microwave safe bowl

 Microwave according to the package, making sure to stir so they will not burn

 Pour melted candies on top of the popcorn, rice chex cereal and pretzel sticks

 Using a spatula, I mixed in the melted candies until evenly coated with the dry ingredients 

 What the mixture looks like with the Wilton candy mixed in together

 I then added the “spring” colored sprinkles 

 Next, I added the Easter themed M&M’s candies and stirred them into the mixture

 A close up of my Bunny Bait!

 The Bunny Bait is all set to devour!

 I displayed mine in a big mixing bowl since I made 3 batches and added a “Bunny Bait” sign 

 How cute is this!? (Scroll down for free link to these printables or click here)

 I also put some bunny bait into goodie bags to give away and stapled the signs onto the top of the bags to complete the look!

Free Bunny Bait Sign Download (Click this link)


  • 2 cups pretzel stick
  • 2 cups Rice Chex cereal
  • 1 bag white popcorn 
  • 1 bag of white vanilla Wilton Candy Melts
  • 1 bag of Milk Chocolate M&M’s Easter theme
  • Sprinkles that are “Spring” colors


  1. Spread 2 cups pretzel stick, 2 cups Rice Chex and 1 bag white popcorn on cookie sheet, covered with aluminum foil.
  2. Pour melted white melting candies over mixture and stir to coat.
  3.  Then sprinkle on your spring sprinkles.
  4.  Do not mix after sprinkling or you will coat the sprinkles.
  5. Once the mix is set, add M&M’s and then package for neighbors, for a party or in individual treat bags.


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