*Whiteout The Grout*

*Whiteout The Grout*
*Whiteout The Grout*

The grout in our kitchen floor has been irking me for the longest time! Every time I walk on that floor that is all I would notice. We tried a couple different methods but none so far have worked. Our first attempt was the Clorox Bleach Pen. It did nothing. I was disappointed because all the reviews said this would work. Not even close. I kept searching and found this website which mentioned Powdered Oxygen Bleach. I never even heard of this product before. I watched the video they had and became hopeful. It seemed easy enough to try out and cheap! So our next grocery trip we purchased the $0.88 powdered bleach. I wanted to start this right away and see if it would work!


How to get grout out of tile

All I needed was a bucket of hot water, about a 1/2 cup of the powdered bleach and a scrub brush. I mixed the water and powder together and then poured the mixture onto the floor. I let it sit a good half hour. Then I got on my knees and started scrubbing away with the brush! Definitely use rubber gloves for this project. I thoroughly scrubbed the grout and could start to see the dirt fade away.

How to get rid of grout in your tiles

After I finished the tiles I took a wet towel and wiped the tile. I could not believe it, it worked! I was thrilled….my grout was sparkling white! I then used my Swiffer mop to make sure all the bleach was cleaned up. This is the way to get rid of grout!

Powder bleach on tile to get rid of grout

After: White as a cloud! 


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