Your Kitchen Storage Design Guide

Kitchen Storage Design

Over 94% of Brits say kitchen storage is important but more than half of them don’t have as much as they need. Pair this with the fact that the kitchen has evolved into a space to entertain, dine, work, and relax, and creating an uncluttered space full of storage capabilities is a game-changer in 2024. 

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about kitchen design storage so you can maximise the potential of an underrated room in the house. From big kitchens to small kitchens and everything in between, we’ll help you create a kitchen space you’re proud of that’s as stylish as it is functional. 

Add a statement cupboard

The right cupboard can elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic and simplify storage requirements. It can also store small appliances, reduce worktop clutter, and ensure that every bit of space in your kitchen is maximised efficiently. 

The Henlly 2 Door 1 Drawer Sideboard is the perfect example of this as it features stunning carved drawers, metal handles for extra luxury and ample space on top for drinks. This makes it versatile enough to be a statement piece in your dining room or kitchen and super-functional with storage space inside and out. 

Consider cutlery and plan for pans

Internal drawers are space-saving and reduce clutter in your kitchen because they’re smaller than cupboards and can be concealed in kitchen units. They’re also easier to keep tidy and compartments can keep cutlery accessories organised and accessible. You can coordinate the interior and exterior of your drawers with your kitchen’s décor, too, helping you combine style and practicality in your kitchen. 

While drawers are great, you shouldn’t write off cupboards because they both have their place. Use drawers for cutlery and cupboards for larger pans and equipment and you’ve got a recipe for kitchen storage success.

Be larder than life

Larders are purpose-built for home chefs who keep lots of ingredients at home but don’t use them for every meal. Helping you organise spices and supplies, you can save space and stay tidy with a well-stocked larder. 

Larders aren’t just for larger kitchens, either and can be an efficient use of space even if it’s at a premium. Internal larders are becoming increasingly popular and help you add storage capabilities to your kitchen without taking up too much space. You can also fit adjustable shelves and drawers into your larder for appliances and racks for those smaller jars and condiments. 

Plan your space

Every kitchen is different, and some come in particularly awkward shapes. Because of this, calculating space is important and you should understand what you can fit into every corner of your kitchen. However, being realistic doesn’t mean you can’t be creative, and we encourage you to find innovative ways to store your smaller appliances, crockery, and cutlery, as we’ve already mentioned. 

You should always consider space in the long-term, too, ensuring that your kitchen can be used as your family or cooking/entertaining requirements grow. 

Think outside the box

Kitchen renovation is changing and new storage solutions are cropping up in recent years. Wine coolers are a great example of modern, practical storage spaces and can free up fridge space, too. They also enable you to get rid of your wine racks and replace them with additional cupboards or shelves.

Get seating right

The right kitchen barstool can complement the rest of your space and seamlessly bring together your kitchen flooring, wider style, and appliances. As well as being stylish and practical, kitchen barstools can be stowed under tables and kitchen islands to create more floor space when they aren’t being used. This is particularly beneficial for smaller kitchens, spaces with lots of appliances, and large families with lively children. 

Create a display

A classic storage lifeline for kitchen designers is a glass-fronted cabinet, particularly if they’re home to your nicer glassware or crockery. Helping you add a personal touch to your interior design with bits and pieces you love, they provide a talking point for guests and functional storage. 

Add shelves

Shelves are becoming more and more popular with all styles of kitchen, and they can boost your storage capabilities and create an interesting visual style. Breaking up space between cupboards and appliances, shelves are perfect for those showstopper pieces of crockery and cookery books you can’t live without. 

An important factor here is to make sure your open shelves match the rest of your kitchen design and colour schemes and to remain vigilant against clutter and dirt. 

Optimise hidden spaces

We’re all about innovation with kitchen storage design so think about those underused nooks and crannies and add some cupboards and drawers to maximise them. 

Under the oven is a great place for storing trays and baking sheets, for example, and slimline oven drawers can transform an otherwise dead space into valuable storage. Under the sink is the perfect place to store your cleaning products, too, with a dedicated drawer that fits neatly beneath the sink and conceals harmful chemicals from kids and pets.

Making the most of these spaces also ensures that important items are close by when you need them, and utilising non-traditional areas helps free up space in cupboards and drawers. 

Get started

Now you’re armed with lots of innovative kitchen storage design ideas, it’s time to get started. And remember, enjoy yourself with your kitchen design storage and don’t be afraid to get creative!


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