Demetrius Andrade: Net Worth, Career, Personal Life [2024]

Demetrius Andrade

Demetrius Andrade, known to his fans as “Boo Boo,” is a prominent figure in the boxing world. Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, he has carved out a remarkable career as a professional boxer.

With multiple world titles under his belt, Andrade’s journey through the boxing ranks showcases his dedication, skill, and resilience. His ability to overcome obstacles and achieve success in various weight classes has solidified his reputation as one of the sport’s elite fighters. But who exactly is Demetrius Andrade?

This article will provide an in-depth look at his early life, career, personal life, and net worth, offering a comprehensive view of this boxing champion.

Early Life

Demetrius Andrade was born on February 26, 1988, in Providence, Rhode Island. From a young age, he exhibited a natural talent for boxing, a passion nurtured by his father, Paul Andrade, who also served as his trainer. Growing up in a supportive family environment, Andrade’s early years were filled with rigorous training and a focus on developing his boxing skills.

As an amateur, Andrade’s talent quickly became evident. He captured the attention of the boxing community with his impressive performances. He won the U.S. National Championships and the Golden Gloves twice, showcasing his dominance in the amateur ranks. These victories set the stage for his participation in the 2008 Olympics, where he represented the United States in the welterweight category. Although he didn’t secure a medal, his Olympic experience was invaluable in shaping his professional career.

Andrade’s amateur record boasts an impressive 188 wins and only 12 losses. His success at this level paved the way for his transition to professional boxing in 2008. Turning professional marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life, one that would see him rise through the ranks to become a two-time world champion.

Professional Career

Rise to Prominence

Demetrius Andrade began his professional boxing career in October 2008. His debut fight took place at the Northern Quest Casino in Airway Heights, Washington, where he secured a win against Patrick Cape. Andrade quickly established himself as a formidable force in the ring, demonstrating exceptional skill and determination.

One of his significant early victories was against Grady Brewer in 2011, where Andrade showcased his technical prowess and strategic acumen. His undefeated streak continued, and he soon found himself competing for major titles. In 2013, Andrade faced Vanes Martirosyan for the vacant WBO light middleweight title. Despite being knocked down in the first round, Andrade recovered and won the fight via split decision, securing his first world title.

In 2014, Andrade defended his title against British boxer Brian Rose at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. He dominated the fight, winning by TKO in the seventh round. This victory solidified his status as a top contender in the light middleweight division. Andrade continued to pursue higher accolades, aiming for matches against the division’s best fighters, including Canelo Álvarez and Floyd Mayweather.

Challenges and Setbacks

Despite his successes, Andrade’s career has not been without challenges. He experienced periods of inactivity due to issues with fight negotiations and promotional disputes. A notable setback occurred in 2014 when a planned fight with Jermell Charlo was canceled due to purse disagreements. This led to a lengthy legal battle and further delays in Andrade’s career.

In 2015, after over a year without a title defense, the WBO stripped Andrade of his light middleweight title due to inactivity. This period tested his resilience, but Andrade remained focused on his return to the ring.

Comeback and Recent Fights

Andrade made a triumphant comeback in 2017, moving up to the middleweight division. He claimed the WBA International light middleweight title by defeating Jack Culcay in a closely contested bout. Andrade’s return was marked by a renewed vigor and determination to reclaim his place among boxing’s elite.

In 2018, Andrade captured the vacant WBO middleweight title by defeating Walter Kautondokwa. He successfully defended this title multiple times, showcasing his skill and adaptability in the ring. Andrade’s most recent fights have seen him continue to dominate his opponents, maintaining his undefeated record and setting his sights on unifying the middleweight titles.

Personal Life

Demetrius Andrade maintains a relatively private personal life, keeping much of his off-ring activities and relationships out of the public eye. Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, Andrade continues to live and train in his hometown, staying close to his roots. Despite his fame and success in the boxing world, he values his privacy and rarely shares details about his personal relationships.

As of now, there is no public information about Andrade being married or in a serious relationship. He prefers to keep his romantic life under wraps, which has led to speculation but no confirmed details about his dating status. This discretion extends to his family life as well, where he maintains a low profile regarding his immediate family members.

Andrade is not just a boxer; he is also known for his philanthropic efforts. He has been involved with several charitable organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club and the Special Olympics. His contributions to these organizations highlight his commitment to giving back to the community and supporting those in need.

On social media, Andrade is quite active, particularly on Instagram, where he has amassed over 127,000 followers. He uses this platform to engage with fans, share training videos, and provide glimpses into his life outside of boxing. His social media presence reflects his approachable personality and dedication to his supporters.

Net Worth

Demetrius Andrade’s success in the boxing ring has translated into significant financial rewards. As of 2024, his net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. This impressive figure reflects his earnings from numerous fights, sponsorship deals, and endorsements throughout his career.

A substantial portion of Andrade’s wealth comes from his fight purses. For instance, his fight against Brian Rose in 2014 earned him $200,000, while his bout against Vanes Martirosyan in 2013 brought in similar figures. These earnings are typical for world title fights, where the stakes and financial rewards are high. His consistent performance and ability to secure victories have kept him in demand, ensuring a steady stream of income from his fights.

In addition to his fight purses, Andrade has benefited from various endorsement deals. These partnerships often include well-known sports brands and other commercial enterprises, contributing to his overall net worth. Sponsorships and endorsements are a significant source of income for many professional athletes, and Andrade is no exception.


How old is Demetrius Andrade?

Demetrius Andrade was born on February 26, 1988, making him 36 years old as of 2024. His birth date places him among the experienced fighters in the boxing world, with over a decade of professional experience under his belt.

What titles has Demetrius Andrade held?

Demetrius Andrade has held multiple titles throughout his career. He is a two-time light middleweight world champion, having won the WBO light middleweight title in 2013 and defending it successfully. Additionally, he secured the WBO middleweight title in 2018, demonstrating his versatility and skill across different weight divisions.

What is his professional record?

As of 2024, Demetrius Andrade boasts an impressive professional record of 32 wins, 1 loss, and no draws. Out of these victories, 19 have come by way of knockout, showcasing his power and technical ability in the ring.

Is Demetrius Andrade married or dating?

Demetrius Andrade keeps his personal life private, so it is unknown whether he is married or dating. He prefers to keep his romantic relationships out of the public eye, maintaining a focus on his professional career and community involvement.

What are some of his notable victories?

Demetrius Andrade has several notable victories to his name. Key wins include his fight against Vanes Martirosyan for the WBO light middleweight title, his defense against Brian Rose, and his middleweight title win against Walter Kautondokwa. Each of these victories has been crucial in cementing his reputation as a top-tier boxer.

Wrapping Up

Demetrius Andrade’s career is a testament to his dedication, skill, and resilience. From his early days in Providence, Rhode Island, to becoming a two-time world champion, Andrade has consistently demonstrated his prowess in the ring. His journey has been marked by significant victories, challenges, and comebacks that have shaped him into one of boxing’s most respected figures.

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