What Happens if I Get Hurt While On Vacation in The State of Texas?

Hurt While on Vacation in Texa

Texas is a popular tourist destination, attracting 34.8 million visitors in 2023. With its big cities, beaches, parks, and wide-open spaces, there are lots of opportunities for adventure. But what if you suffer an injury while visiting the Lone Star State? With 15,299 serious injury crashes taking place in Texas in 2022, it is a serious possibility. 

Here’s a quick guide to what you need to know.

Seek Prompt Medical Attention

Every year, 139.8 million people are admitted to an ER in the US. If you experience anything more than minor scrapes or bruises, it’s important to promptly seek medical care. Texas has high-quality healthcare facilities, so you’ll be able to access the treatment you need. This is especially vital for serious injuries like broken bones, head trauma, deep lacerations, or anything requiring stitches. These require professional medical care to properly heal.

Understand Your Health Insurance Coverage

The good news is that in emergency situations, federal law requires hospital emergency departments to provide stabilizing care regardless of your ability to pay. However, you will still be billed for any care received, which can run to several thousand dollars per visit. 

Contact your health insurance provider to understand exactly what’s covered under your policy if you receive out-of-network medical care in Texas. There may be deductibles, copays, or extra steps needed to file a claim.

Consider Travel Insurance

If you don’t have comprehensive health insurance, consider purchasing a travel insurance policy for your trip. Look for one that includes emergency medical coverage, trip cancellation, lost baggage, and other protections. This can help offset the costs of any unexpected medical bills or other issues encountered away from home. Read the fine print carefully when choosing a provider.

Collect Documentation

Be sure to keep all paperwork, receipts, and billing statements related to any medical treatment received in Texas. You’ll need these to file insurance claims once you return home. Ask the hospital or clinic for itemized statements of any care, procedures, treatments, or medications provided to support your insurance reimbursement request.

Explore Payment Options

Attorney Jay Murray, a personal injury lawyer in Dallas, declared that the average cost of being hospitalized due to a car accident is $57,000. If you are faced with a large medical bill you can’t afford to pay, don’t panic. Many hospitals have financial assistance policies or can set up no-interest payment plans. Provide proof of your financial hardship and discuss ways to settle the amount over time with minimal damage to your budget. Be upfront about your limitations ‒ the billing office would rather receive some payment than send past-due accounts to collections.

Recovering Away from Home

If you’re hospitalized or unable to travel due to injury, you may need to extend your stay in Texas unexpectedly. Contact your airline, hotel, rental car agency, and other travel providers to notify them of the situation and make alternate arrangements. Most have emergency policies to account for unforeseen events. Also, reach out to friends and family for help coordinating your care.  

Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer

Contact a lawyer, who can help you fight for compensation. You may need the money to cover your medical expenses and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Suffering an injury can really put a damper on a fun vacation. But with prompt care, financial planning, and patience, you can still make progress toward feeling better. Texas has high healthcare standards and many payment assistance options. Stay positive and know there are always solutions available if you reach out for help.


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