Top of the Business-Class Sedans


When it comes to luxury vehicles, business-class sedans are some of the most popular options for professionals and executives with decent incomes. These cars offer a combination of comfort, style, and performance. It makes them ideal for long commutes or road trips, as well as for impressing clients or colleagues in big cities, reflecting the high social status of their owners. Here are some of the top business-class sedans on the market today.

BMW 5 Series

The restyled BMW 5 Series is one of the most advanced sedans on the luxury car market. It has a beautifully decorated interior, plenty of space for passengers, and, most importantly, offers the best driving experience in its class.

The basic 520d configuration is the best choice for most, sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h (60 mph) in less than eight seconds and with excellent fuel economy. BMW also offers in-line 6-cylinder engines for the 5 Series version.

For lovers of maximum drive, there are also 530d, 540d, and gasoline 540i configurations. Inside, state-of-the-art electronics and infotainment systems perfectly complement luxurious wood and leather, and the 5 Series was the first car to offer Apple CarPlay wireless connectivity.

Citroën DS 9

We can say that the DS 9 sedan is currently the flagship of the entire French automotive industry. Among its characteristic features are the main optics, which have three rotating modules. It means that their light changes depending on road and weather conditions. At the back, attention is primarily drawn to the rear headlights with a diamond-shaped pattern and the LED brake light strip, which is placed behind the trunk lid. The door handles are hidden flush with the door panels.

The basic motor for the DS 9 model is a powerful 1.6-liter gasoline turbo engine that produces 215 hp and transmits traction to the front wheels with the help of an 8-speed automatic transmission. The most successful version of the sedan is a hybrid modification, where the same engine and an electric motor produce a total of 225 hp. What’s the difference, you ask? Fuel consumption in the combined cycle for the regular DS 9 is 72 MPG (7.4 liters per 100 km), while the hybrid version consumes only 72 MPG (1.6 liters of gasoline for the same distance).

Lexus ES

This luxury car is completely tuned for comfort and relaxation. Inside, the sedan is a representative of the Japanese vision of interior design. The front dashboard is multi-level, and the control unit of the multimedia system is integrated into it.

In its basic configuration, the Lexus ES is equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine that provides 173 hp. Additionally, the vehicle has an automatic transmission. Speaking of fuel consumption, it reaches 40 MPG (6.0 liters per 100 km) in the combined cycle.

With more money to spend, you can buy a version with a 2.5-liter engine that produces 207 hp. The drive is also front-mounted, but the gearbox will already be an 8-speed automatic. Such an ES configuration consumes about 35 MPG (6.6 liters per 100 km).

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The updated E-Class from Mercedes is an absolute gem in the business vehicle category. Its elegant but simple exterior highlights all the features a luxury automobile should have. The interior of the Mercedes reflects a similar point, as the dashboard and overall design convey traditional German neatness in harmony with a modern atmosphere. Furthermore, if you have a Mercedes vehicle, it means that this car is equipped with the latest safety systems. In terms of comfort, this brand has advantages that many consider unsurpassed.

While the Mercedes-Benz isn’t as sharp to drive as, for example, the BMW 5 Series lineup, some will prefer the more soft-handling approach it offers. The engine range includes gasoline units: a 2.0-liter (272 hp) and a 3.0-liter (367 hp). At the same time, diesel engines can develop 194 to 330 hp. There are also hybrid versions you can choose from, particularly gasoline (E 300 e) and diesel (E 300 de), which boast 320 and 306 hp, respectively.

Audi A6

The latest Audi A6 model has all the premium features of its predecessor, but the evolutionary body design has more dynamism thanks to sharp edges, widened wheel arches, and a powerful radiator grille.

However, the real achievements are evident inside, as Audi has done everything it can to compete with the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series. Top models get Audi’s impressive Virtual Cockpit instrument package, along with a large multimedia touchscreen in the center of the dashboard. You can also find a smaller touchscreen below for climate control and other auxiliary functions.

Driving the A6 has never been more relaxing thanks to a host of safety and driver assistance technologies carried over from the flagship A8. For example, active cruise control with an auxiliary steering wheel and the City Assist function, which monitors vehicles driving near. Due to its technologically economical engines, the A6 is also the choice of those who value economy but don’t sacrifice comfort.

Bottom Line

Business-class sedans are some of the most luxurious and desirable cars on the market today.  In our article, we’ve reviewed the most prominent representatives of luxury sedans. Whether you’re a busy executive or just someone who appreciates the finer things in life, these vehicles offer the perfect combination of comfort, performance, and style to meet your needs.


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