5 Characteristics of a Personal Injury Lawyer Who Can Help You Obtain Maximum Compensation


Personal injury lawyers play an important role in the legal system. They are responsible for representing individuals injured due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness. Such lawyers aid clients with advice, guidance, and support throughout the entire process of filing a claim or lawsuit against the party that caused their injuries. These attorneys specialize in negotiating settlements and litigating cases to ensure victims receive fair compensation for their damages. 

In 2019, trial courts in California received about 220,000 new lawsuit filings where the number of damages was unspecified. According to the court statistics report, about 40,000 of those 220,000 cases arose from motor vehicle accidents. Another 22,500 were other types of accidents that caused bodily injury. The remaining 157,500 civil cases involved an area of law other than torts, such as contracts or real property. If you are a San Jose resident seeking legal aid after a personal injury, look for the following traits in the team to represent you in court.


1. Competent and Focused

Your legal case must focus on building a cohesive argument to support your claim of maximum compensation. After an accident, emotions run high, which may steal your focus from the substance of the case. Hiring professionals who can walk you through the process is highly recommended.

NorCal residents must seek guidance from a San Jose personal injury lawyer after incurring an injury. A good personal injury lawyer will keep you focused on the trial, conveying objectivity by eliminating emotional interference. Additionally, you will stay updated on hearing dates and recalling seemingly trivial facts.

2. Prove Liability

You must prove your innocence beyond a reasonable doubt to be compensated for your injury. It means you have to declare your liability. This long process involves the collection of necessary evidence, such as photos, medical records, and affidavits from key witnesses. Since the opposing legal team will try to discredit your evidence and poke holes in your defense, hiring a thorough lawyer is essential. Your team is expected to cover all bases before the trial so every question can be answered confidently.

Good attorneys have a lot of experience in the matter. They collect evidence through sources, reconstruct the incident scene, and gather police reports and other official documents. A competent lawyer can source hard-to-get witnesses and collect affidavits. Furthermore, they can spot plaintiff-friendly juries and how to represent you correctly.

Personal injury lawyers source friendly medical and financial experts to review your case. All these efforts contribute towards declaring liability, thereby increasing your chances of maximum compensation.

3. Superb Negotiation Skills

California is an at-fault state meaning the liable party or their insurer must pay the aggrieved party for the damages. Hence, the other party will mount significant pushback to any claims. This is why you must hire a personal injury attorney with a track record of negotiating complex cases.

The best attorney is a master of their craft. They know the traps, snares, and holes the defendant’s lawyers or the insurance evaluator might use and how best to evade them. Your lawyer will seek a vantage position and argue against increasing your compensation. This procedure is as much about working through the legal system as it is about possessing strong negotiation skills.

4. Offer the Best Legal Advice

Seeking compensation is a complex process that requires you to know the ins and outs of the domain law. Whether to file a claim with the defendant’s insurer or take the case to court is guidance best taken from personal injury lawyers. Furthermore, dealing with police reports, the defendant’s lawyers, and preparing the paperwork can be overwhelming. Hence, having strong legal counsel is imperative.

The right personal injury lawyer will advise you on the best course of action to maximize your chances of success. For example, seeking compensation from the insurer is the best. Court cases can drag on for years, and success is never guaranteed. Your attorney will point you in the right direction and even implement the plan on your behalf.

5. Protect You From Lowballing

Court battles for compensation can embarrass big insurers and put them in a bad light. Some settle matters out of court to avoid losing current and prospective clients. Ideally, you should be fully compensated for your injuries, but this is only sometimes the case.

Offering claimants lower settlements than they are worth is common to increase the insurers’ profit margin. This is called ‘lowballing.’ The right personal injury lawyer knows the maximum value of your claim and can skillfully protect you from underhanded tricks.

The presence of an experienced attorney can intimidate the defendant’s legal team, increasing your chances of getting maximum compensation. Lawyering up is usually a sign that a party is ready to appeal to the legal system.


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