Top 7 Custom Marketing Products for Your Brewery


The number of bars and breweries serving beer of their own production is increasing every day. That is why owners of such establishments have to come up with new ways to attract the attention of customers and stand out among competitors.

Fortunately, you don’t have to scratch your head looking for such ideas, we are ready to share our list of marketing products that lead to increased sales of your brewery.

  1. Custom beer taps

What do clients pay attention to when they just crossed the threshold of your establishment? Of course, they’re here for a good beer, so the first thing they’re going to be interested in is an assortment of alcoholic drinks.

To make it easier for visitors to navigate with the choice, install custom beer taps, on which you can write the names of your beers. 

Beer tap handles are one of the best marketing tools you can use to promote your brewery. They are the most eye-catching because they are a kind of highlight that harmoniously complement the general philosophy of the institution. By installing the original beer tap handles, your sales will increase by about 10% for the first quarter alone!

You can order stylish custom beer taps on the website of the popular company Xpress Tap Handles, which specializes in the manufacturing of such products. They produce high-quality beer tap handles of wood, ceramics, porcelain, resin and other materials.

These products may be:

  • of any shape: round, rectangular, with a round knob, paddle-shaped or cylindrical. You can also buy novelty taps designed in the form of a golfer, a girl in a bikini, Santa Claus with a keg of beer, the head of a cock, a sailor, President Obama, a bartender with a beer mug, a chef, etc.
  • of any shade: from classic white and black, or different shades of marble to a wide variety of colors to suit your taste.

By contacting Xpress Tap Handles, you can apply your branding on the beer handles that will «hook» your customers and promote the popularization of your brewery.

  1. Coasters

This is another promotional tool that is essential for every place where beer is served. Apply the logo/slogan of your brewery or the name of the beer variety on coasters. Customers will unconsciously remember what was drawn or written on the coasters so that sooner or later they will want to come back to you to try the drinks they remember.

The huge plus of these products is that they are quite cheap to produce, and all the investment in the manufacture quickly pays off. In addition, coasters help to maintain cleanliness.

  1. Glasses and beer mugs

Glasses can also be used for your bar or brewery promotion. All the required information can be applied on them.

You can give your regular customers such mugs as a special gift that will remind them of their favorite establishment.

As an option, you can present glasses with a purchase for a certain amount, or organize events, during which your visitors can get a unique beer mug. 

In addition to traditional glasses, you can order mugs made of metal, porcelain, ceramics and wood.

  1. Beer bottle openers

Despite its small size, the bottle opener is a great way to advertise the brewery. 

First, you can give them some original and recognizable form. 

Secondly, all important details can be applied onto it to remind customers where they can taste the most delicious and fresh beer.

Order strong aluminum bottle openers with a key ring, so they can be carried as a keychain.

  1. Umbrellas for the summer terrace

A great way to attract those people who were passing by your place and did not plan to visit it! 

Bright umbrellas are sure to attract the attention of passers-by, and the logo of a favorite brand beckons to go inside and have a glass or two.

Choose canopies from durable, sun-resistant material. The frame of the umbrellas must be strong and at the same time flexible enough not to break from a sharp gust of wind. If the brewery is located in a humid region, buy umbrellas with aluminum frames. 

Also keep in mind that the size of the canopy should be 5 feet larger in diameter than the area it should protect from sun or precipitation.

  1. Branded merchandise

These can be branded T-shirts and jackets, scarves and hats – anything you can put your logo on and present to your visitors.

These products are affordable. And thanks to the wide range of customization options, they will easily become the perfect souvenir, which will appeal to your guests and make them want to come back again.

  1. Kegerators and bar fridges

Kegerators are refrigerators designed to store beer in kegs (special tanks that visually resemble steel cylinders). In turn, the bar fridges are designed to store bottled beer. Some types of equipment are suitable for storing both kegs and bottles.

There are different models of kegerators available: common and built-in, with a different number of doors, and different places of installation (next to the bar counter, under it and even outdoors).

In addition to its main function – cooling and preservation of beverages – this equipment can be used as a great marketing tool. You can apply the branding on its door or walls. And the large surface area allows making all the inscriptions, logos and images noticeable to others.

Now you know how to make all the equipment of the brewery contribute to achieving your business goals. Listen to our recommendations and success will come soon!


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