Looking forward to leveling up your career in the IT field


In the US, employment in the IT sector faced a severe drop in June 2020. However, IT employment peaked to about 3.12 million people until January 2023.

If you’re also interested in this dynamic industry, here are some of the top IT-based careers you can choose.

  1. Computer programmer

Computer programming is one of the most active sectors of the IT industry. This branch allows computer programs and software to function properly using computer-based coding languages.

Software developers write a specific code and test it to see if the computer can follow this code or not.

You can either work as a programmer right after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Programming or pursue a Master’s in the same field.

  1. AR developer

Augmented reality or virtual reality (VR) is an important aspect of the gaming world. As an AR-VR developer, your job will be to use your imagination and come up with innovative ways to develop virtual reality games and scenarios.

Players can play AR-based games using a special headset, and the AR developer is responsible for making the headset and its specifications. You can either work with gamers or only with fellow AR developers.

  1. DevOps engineer

DevOps engineering and management is also a very sought-after sector of the IT world. This is basically the bridge between coding and engineering, where you must develop and improve different IT systems.

DevOps engineers require experience with coding languages, software engineering, security systems, and collaboration skills.

In your DevOps career, you can even become an IT operations manager and oversee many development projects if you show standard performance and results.

Then your job will include acquiring, designing, deploying, configuring, and maintaining different components (physical and virtual) that build the entire IT infrastructure.

  1. Full stack developer

Full-stack development is quite a popular IT sector in Asia and America. However, there’s still a scarcity of web developers.

This job requires you to develop both the front-end (the part that viewers can access) and the back-end (data storage and processing) parts of a functioning website.

Today, IT companies require fully-rehearsed full-stack developers who know how to utilize cloud platform vendors like Google and even container technologies like Kubernetes. 

  1. Systems security management

In any field, it’s important to maintain the safety and security of the database. And this is exactly what a systems security manager does.

All companies generate sensitive data that must be kept safe under strong passwords. As a result, successful candidates in systems security management often require basic knowledge of technical systems and network security.

Other than this, you should also possess great interpersonal and communication skills with clients.

  1. Mobile app developer

In today’s era of smartphones, apps have become an integral part of our lives. This is why jobs related to mobile app development are on the rise.

IT professionals in this field need to know how to make apps on different platforms like Android or iOS.

Since developing an app on a smartphone is vastly different from designing a website on a computer, mobile app developers need to undergo special courses on mobile development languages and frameworks.

  1. Robotics engineer

Advanced robotics also expands in many sectors, from medical science to industrial engineering.

The military and the automotive industries also value professionals who can develop robot arms and figures to make work easier.

As a robotics engineer, you need to augment the human workforce by integrating low-value tasks with robotics.

Some notable IT robotics areas include engineering blueprints, hands-on construction, and robotics RnD.

  1. ERP management

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning systems, and this sector focuses on troubleshooting different areas of IT.

If you work in the ERP branch, you must take up projects to improve existing IT technology and develop strategies to help your company.

Needless to say, ERP engineers should be creative and possess a problem-management mindset. Some other skills include strong leadership qualities and coordination.

Over to you…

It’s no surprise that IT is one of the most well-developed sectors in the entire world, with millions of youngsters taking up IT-related jobs.

However, being passionate alone won’t help you succeed. So, if you really wish to work in this field, start with an IT degree and then take up the most relevant certification courses to make your dream come true.


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