Amber Heard Net Worth Pre and Post Legal Battle With Depp

Amber Heard Net Worth Pre and Post Legal Battle With Depp

Amber Laura Heard, better known as Amber Heard, is a well-known American actress and model. She has starred in a number of blockbuster films such as “Aquaman”, “The Rum Dairy”, “All the boys love Mandy Lane” and many more. Considering the massive number of hit films in her kitty, there has always been curiosity about Amber Heard net worth.

Well, until a few years back, Amber Heard net worth was believed to be $9 million. The primary source of her income has consistently been modeling and acting.

Heard endorsed many famous global brands. She was one of the many actresses who had endorsed L’oreal Paris. The global cosmetics and skincare brand announced the same at the Cannes Film Festival of 2018.

Amber Heard Net Worth

With globally acknowledged hit films like Justice League and Aquaman, it is not surprising that Amber Heard has managed to build nothing less than a legacy. However, her star value contributes massively to her net worth.

However, Amber Heard net worth is believed to have dipped enormously in the recent past. This is due to a massive legal battle between her and former spouse, Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard net worth 2021

Amber Heard net worth 2021 was believed to be roughly around $6 million. This is the same year when the film Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

The same year, she starred in “The Stand,” a miniseries inspired by Stephen King’s novel. Thus, as far as Amber Heard net worth 2021 is concerned, it was still an enormous figure as this was quite a few months before the fateful legal battle.

Amber Heard net worth 2022

2022 will probably be the most embarrassing for the actress as she faced one of her most public and humiliating real-life courtroom dramas. As mentioned earlier, this drama was about her and her former spouse, Johnny Depp.

It all started when Heard mentioned in a Washington Post op-ed that she had been a victim of abuse and stood firmly in support of women who have faced similar atrocities. As her domestic abuse charges directly indicated at Depp, the latter sued the former for defamation.

The case concluded with Heard being instructed to pay Depp $10 million as compensation and $5 million as punitive damages. On the other hand, Heard was awarded only $2 million as compensation in the same case.

Hence, there wasn’t a massive difference between Johnny Depp net worth before Amber Heard and afterward. However, Amber Heard net worth 2022 took a huge hit with this verdict which was nothing but a lose-lose for the actress.

Amber Heard net worth 2023

As of this year, the Amber Heard net worth 2023 is only $3 million. She lost a lot of money due to the court case. Let’s see how much her career grows this year after going through a difficult phase that also impacted her professionally.

Amber Heard Net Worth Pre and Post Legal Battle With Depp

Who is Amber Heard?

Heard was born on 22nd April 1986 in Austin, Texas. She comes from a relatively small family comprising father, David Heard, mother, Paige Parsons, and sister, Whitney Heard.

Heard found her passion and love for modeling right from her teenage years. At 17, Amber Heard moved to New York to try her luck in modeling. She later moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and became a famous actress in Hollywood.

Her modeling career made her a familiar face within the glamorous circles of Hollywood. It also eventually paved the way for her entry into Hollywood.

She modeled for global luxury brands like Victoria’s Secret, L’Oreal Paris, and so on. This contributed to the enormity of Amber Heard net worth.

Amber Heard Career

Amber Heard began her acting career on a humble note with music videos. She featured in “There Goes /my Life” by Kenny Chesney and “I Wasn’t Prepared” by rock band Eisley’s. After that, she featured in minor roles in movies like Jack & Bobby (2004), The Mountain (2004), and The OC (2005).

Speaking of Amber Heard net worth, 2006 continued to be an iconic year in her life. This was when she made her debut in Holly wood with the film All The Boys Love Mandy Lane. With an average rating from critics, the movie received immense recognition from the audience.

Not only did her debut film enjoy a 4-star rating from the audience, its release immediately turned Heard into a famous face. She was known and talked about in every corner and crevice of Hollywood.

She later gave massive Box Office hits like Never Back Down in 2008. Some of her other popular movies are Aquaman, released in 2018, and Justice League (2017).

However, the first time Heard was acknowledged as a mainstream Hollywood actor was when the 2008 film Pineapple became popular with the public. Yet another film that contributed to her professional success and led her to meet her ex Johnny Depp was The Rum Diary.

The immense success from acting further fuelled Amber Heard net worth.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp: A Love Story Turned Sour

While working on the film, The Rum Diary, Depp and Heard reportedly fell for each other. They eventually started dating in 2011 end or 2012 beginning. 2012 also marked the end of Depp’s relationship with Paradis.

In 2014, the two got engaged. Reports of the engagement started circulating after Heard was spotted wearing an engagement ring. Depp finally confirmed the same year to the press.

The couple finally tied the knot in 2015 and remained happily married for two years. However, they separated and eventually divorced in 2017. It was in 2016 that Heard filed for divorce on the grounds of physical abuse.

She also went on to get a restraining order against Johnny. Heard claimed to have been regularly abused by Depp while intoxicated. However, the police eventually found the claims false. It’s important to note that violating protection orders is a serious matter. If accused, one should seek legal counsel immediately, such as from Charles Kania attorney, to understand the potential consequences and legal defenses.

The divorce case also concluded with an out-of-court settlement. Amber received $7 million from her estranged husband, and the two parted ways for good. However, she had to agree to retract her allegation of domestic abuse in return.

Amber Heard Net Worth Pre and Post Legal Battle With Depp

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp: Defamation Case

While the divorce case had settled amicably, with both parties releasing a joint statement, the defamation case was quite different. After Heard mentioned being a victim of abuse, indicated at Depp. The latter sued the former in a raging defamation case.

This kick-started a public courtroom drama widely covered by media across the world. Though Depp wasn’t mentioned, readers of the op-ed undoubtedly assumed the man in question to be Depp.

While Depp had sued Heard for $50 million, Heard ended up suing Depp for a whopping $100 million. The legal battle eventually concluded, with Depp receiving much more compensation than Heard.

This led to an expected financial downfall for Heard. It reduced Amber Heard net worth to $1 million in 2023. The loss also had many additional repercussions for Heard.

Since the verdict, Heard has been boycotted by multiple producers and filmmakers. Heard was pulled out of Aquaman 2. This has led to a reduction in the number of projects that she now has. However, she is gradually regaining footing within the industry with her upcoming movie, The Lost Kingdom.

Top 10 Amber Heard movies

Now that you know most about the famous actress, it’s time to discuss the all-time favorite Amber Heard movies:

North Country

Released in 2005, this movie was inspired by a major sexual harassment case in America. Heard essayed the role of Josey Aimes, a supporting role in the film. However, this film made her noticeable to many influential figures in Hollywood.


Released in 2009, Heard played the role of 406. The movie shows multiple parallel stories with the backdrop of a zombie-infested America.

Pineapple Express

This is another popular film that made Heard popular in every American household.

The Joneses

This movie was released in 2009 with positive reviews from the audience. Amber Heard played the role of Jenn Jones.

Never Back Down

Released in 2008, this film showed Heard as Baja Miller. In a nutshell, the movie revolves around a frustrated teenager who gradually gets engulfed in violence.

Three Days To Kill

This is another movie for which Heard received massive critical acclaim. The film shows the dilemma of a dying CIA agent, desperate to make amends with his daughter.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

Starring the lead role, this movie turned Heard’s career around for the best. Heard went on to star in many big banner films after her terrific performance in this film.

The Ward

This is another film where Heard proved her mettle as an actor. Once again, the audience lauded Heard for accurately portraying a woman troubled by spirits.

The Danish Girl

Amber Heard played Oola Paulson in this film which received a 7.1 rating on IMDB. This is yet another milestone film in Heard’s career.

Drive Angry

Heard played Piper Lee in this action drama, earning $11 million worldwide gross revenue.

Now that you know the best movies of Amber Heard, it’s time to sit down and watch them all!

Awards and Nominations

Having acted in numerous successful films, it is not a shocker that Heard has received many awards. Not just this, she has also been nominated for many prestigious awards.

Heard’s first award was in 2008 for “Breakthrough Performance.” After that, she also won an award in 2011 for the film Rum Diary in which she starred alongside Johnny Depp.

One of her most outstanding awards is the Dallas Star Award which she won in 2011. She received the rising star award, which is one of Hollywood’s most reputed awards.

Yet another notable victory followed this in 2015. Heard was titled the “Rising Star of Hollywood” by the Texas Film Hall of Fame.

Hereafter, in 2019 Heard got a nomination for the movie Aquaman. However, the actress lost the award to fellow actress Naomi Scott. Two more nominations followed this in the same year for Aquaman and London  Fields.

Amber Heard Daughter

Though Amber Heard only married Johnny Depp, she has a daughter who he doesn’t father. Heard’s daughter is Oonagh Paige. Heard had adopted Oonagh in 2021, a year after her mother’s death. Oonagh’s last name is in honor of Heard’s mother.

Heard describes her daughter as the cynosure of her life. She regularly shares details about her child on social media. Unfortunately, the child was also mentioned in the legal battle between her and Depp in the passing.

However, Heard continues to live a happy and peaceful life with her child.

Amber Heard Net Worth Pre and Post Legal Battle With Depp

Final Thoughts

Post the shattering courtroom drama, and public humiliation Heard retired to Mallorca. She went into depression after she lost the legal battle. To make things worse, she also had massive debt herself because of the case’s verdict.

To add to her misery, many notable Hollywood directors have locked their doors to the actress forever. However, Heard will gradually rise  up from the ashes and star in multiple films across 2023 and 2024.

She claims to have put all the controversy in her past and is moving on with her life. A talented actress and thorough professional, Heard has only become more resilient after the upheaval in the recent past.


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