Where Can I Watch Invincible

Where Can I Watch Invincible

Invincible is an Amazon original superhero series. It is one of the most cleverly written superhero graphic novel mythology that has ever been put to animation. The series has some carefully developed characters, decent plot writing, and suspenseful buildups. On top of all, there’s a perfect balance between comedy and darkness. So where can you watch both seasons of Invincible? Is it available on digital platforms to purchase or rent? Here is a complete streaming guideline for this series.

Invincible is an Amazon original television series. The first season is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime. This season has eight episodes. The second season is yet to the premier. Maybe it will come on Amazon Prime at the end of this year. After the second season, there is an announcement of the third season.

Streaming Sites To Watch Invincible

Nowadays, streaming sites are the best platforms to enjoy classic to latest movies and TV shows. All the major streaming sites offer a wide range of on-demand titles. Some even provide Live TV channels as well. Now when you talk about watching a TV show or movie online, streaming sites are the first thing that pops into any moviegoer’s mind.

So let’s see all the major streaming service’s library whether Invincible is available there:

Is Invincible on Amazon Prime?

Invincible is an Amazon original television series. In this fantastic series, we will see an average 17 years old guy Mark Grayson’s journey to becoming a powerful superhero. Before his 17th birthday, he was leading an everyday life. But after that, he started to gain his superhero powers as he had the blood of the strongest superhero running in his vein. The story continues on how Mark deals with his newly acquired ability to defect the evils and save the world.

Where Can I Watch Invincible

To watch Invincible on Amazon Prime, you will need an Amazon prime membership. You can watch the series now if you already have an Amazon subscription.

But if you are yet to be an Amazon Prime member, here’s a complete guideline to start with this streaming service:

·         Sign-Up for Amazon Prime

To watch the Invincible series, you have to create an Amazon account. For this, visit their website and click on the “Start Your 30-Day Free Trial” tab. Here you will have to enter your email or phone number and set a password.

·         Search for Invincible

Once you have an Amazon Prime video account, search the title in the top search bar. All eight episodes of the first season will appear. You will find a short overview of each of these episodes.

·         Select the First Episode and Enjoy Watching

Select the first episode, called “It’s About Time,” and enjoy watching.

Can I Watch Invincible on Netflix?

If you are a Netflix subscriber looking for Invincible to stream there, you are out of luck. The show is not on Netflix in any region. There’s no possibility of being the show on Netflix any time soon.

Where Can I Watch Invincible

However, with a $9.99 monthly Netflix subscription, you can enjoy a wide range of the latest and classic thrillers, comedies, horror movies, and popular television shows. They have two other subscription plans. One is Standard, which costs $14.99 monthly, and another is Premium which costs $19.99.

So if you want to watch Invincible, then there’s only one option. That is Amazon Prime.

Can I Watch Invincible on HBO Max?

HBO Max is a popular streaming platform with a wide variety of movies and television shows. Their monthly subscription cost starts at $9.99. This is the ad-supported plan. They also offer an ad-free plan which costs $15.99 monthly. However, they provide a limited library of movies and shows for free. You can download the HBO Max app to enjoy their free library.

Unfortunately, Invincible is not on HBO Max. So if you are an HBO Max subscriber, you must add the Amazon channel to your subscription. Here is the way to add Amazon:

  1. First, log in to your HBO Max account.
  2. Now select sign in with a provider.
  3. There will find different add-on options. Select Amazon Prime.
  4. Now sign-up for an Amazon Prime free account.
  5. Once you’ve opened an Amazon Prime account, you can stream the exciting journey of Mark in Invincible.

Can I watch Invincible on Disney Plus?

Invincible is an Amazon Original series, not a Disney Plus. So the show is not on Disney Plus. The show is not even going to be on Disney Plus in the near future.


Moreover, the Disney Plus subscription starts at $7.99 monthly. This subscription plan includes ads. To enjoy their ad-free streaming experience, you will have to pay $10.99 monthly.

However, with a Disney Plus subscription, you can enjoy a wide range of animated superhero movies such as Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, X-Men Evaluation, Guardians of the galaxy, Kim possible, and Big Hero 6.

Overview of Invincible

The story starts with an average guy Mark Grayson whose father is one of the strongest superheroes in the universe. Before his 17th birthday, he dreamed of being a superhero like his father. But when he started to get his inherited superpowers, things got changed. He was struggling to handle his suddenly obtained superpowers. However, in such circumstances, he had to go for fighting against evil powers along with fellow young superheroes. At last, Mark proves his ability as a superhero.

Invincible is an 8-episode mini-series that brought the famous comic series to the screen. This is not just a superhero movie but something darker by bringing in the sense of realism. The show has all contents, including show-burn family conflict, light romance, guts, actions, the heavy burden of sudden superpowers, and corruption.

The dark twist and fate of Mark Grayson’s bloodline are going to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Frequently Asked Questions on Where Can I Watch Invincible

Where Can I Watch Invincible For Free?

Invincible is yet to be added to any major paid streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, or Peacock. But the series is available on some free streaming platforms. You can watch Invincible free on Soap2Day, Play Pilot, 123 Movies, and Flex Movies. But we don’t recommend any of these platforms as these can’t ensure user privacy. On top of that, there are several commercial interruptions.

Was Invincible a Success?

Invincible was a success. This show was on hit the number one position on Amazon in many countries. It received positive reviews from both audiences and critics. The show has a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

When Invincible Season 2 Will Release?

After the immediate popularity of Invincible, fans were eagerly waiting for another season. Because of its vast popularity, Amazon decided to bring a second and third installment of the show. The second season of Invincible is expected to premiere on Amazon Prime in November or December of 2023.


If you like the animated genre, Invincible is going to be added to your favorites list. Invincible has given us one of the craziest and over-the-top superhero stories on screen.

Invincible is exclusively streaming on Amazon. The show is not available on any other streaming platforms. But it is available on some free streaming websites, including Soap2Day, Play Pilot, 123 Movies, and Flex Movies.


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