Do You Have Bed Bugs? 5 Telltale Signs


Bed bugs are pesky little creatures that can cause discomfort and inconvenience. They can quickly transform a relaxed night’s rest into a nightmare, leaving you with itchy bites and anxiousness. Unfortunately, bed bugs are becoming more common, and it’s necessary to know how to get rid of bed bugs.

Here are five telltale signs that you might have bed bugs in your home.

  • Visible bugs or bites

The most apparent sign that you have bed bugs is the existence of the bugs themselves. Bed bugs are tiny, oval-shaped bugs that are reddish-brown in the shade. They are about the dimension of an apple seed and typically hide in the seams of your cushion, box spring, and bed framework. If you see bugs creeping around your bed or on your bed linens, it indicates that you have an invasion.

Bed bug attacks are likewise a common sign of an infestation. These attacks are usually grouped in a line or collection, and they typically appear on revealed skin, such as your arms, legs, or face. Bed bug attacks can be itchy and uncomfortable and may even cause an allergy in some people.

  • Rusty or reddish stains

Bed bugs are infamously messy creatures, leaving signs of their existence. Among the most common symptoms of bed bugs is corroded or red discolorations on your bed linens, cushion, or wall surfaces. These discolorations are, in fact, bloodstains from bed bugs that have been squashed or crushed.

You might also discover small, dark places on your bed linen or mattress. These areas are bed bug feces, commonly located in the seams of your cushion or at the edges of your bedding.

  • Unpleasant smell

Bed bugs emit a distinct, undesirable smell that can be recognizable in a ravaged location. The odor is often called moldy or pleasant and can be pretty poignant. If you see an unusual smell in your room or other areas of your residence, checking out better for bed bugs is a great idea.

  • Shed skin

As bed bugs grow and develop, they drop their skin. These shed skins are commonly found where bed bugs hide, such as in the seams of your bed mattress or at the edges of your bed linens. If you notice tiny, transparent coverings in your bed linens or on your cushion, it’s a clear sign that bed bugs exist.

  • Unusual behavior

Bed bugs are most energetic during the night and commonly feed upon their human hosts while resting. If you wake up with itchy bites or notice other signs of bed bugs, you may also see some uncommon behavior in your bed.

What to do if you have bed bugs?

If you suspect that you have a bed bug invasion, it’s essential to take action as soon as possible. Bed bugs can quickly spread throughout your home and are infamously challenging to eliminate as soon as they have established themselves. Below are some actions you can take to remove bed bugs from your home:

  • Clean and declutter your home, paying particular attention to your bedroom.
  • Wash all bed linens, garments, and curtains in hot water and dry them on the best setup.
  • Vacuum your mattress, box spring, bed framework, and bordering areas extensively.
  • Think about using a bed bug mattress covering to catch any staying bugs and protect against brand-new ones from getting in.
  • Contact a professional bug control company.

Bed bugs can quickly become a substantial problem if left unattended. Knowing the telltale signs of an infestation can help you understand how to get rid of bed bugs, identify the trouble early, and eliminate it. By maintaining your home clean, washing your bed linens regularly, and getting in touch with a specialist pest control company, you can get rid of bed bugs and enjoy a relaxed night’s sleep again.


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