How to Craft the Perfect Instagram Bio for Your Business?


The first impression is the last impression – this saying can be quite right for your Instagram business account. With millions of business accounts on Instagram, you have to leave a great first impression through your bio.

Of course, you can use organic growth strategies to get free Instagram followers and boost brand awareness quickly. However, you can’t undermine the power of an Instagram bio for your business.

You have only 150 characters to play with, which should summarize what your brand does. Other Instagram bio features can also be really valuable to you. Therefore, we’ll share 5 effective tips with you in this article, so you can craft the perfect bio for your business and expand your customer base.

1.    Add a Branded Hashtag

Branded hashtags can greatly help boost brand recognition. They also help you go through all the user-generated content in one place, so you can feature the best ones on your profile.

Hence, you should add a branded hashtag to your bio, as this will encourage your customers or audience to use your hashtag whenever they are mentioning you and boost brand awareness.

2.    Make It Easier to Read

You want to ensure that your Instagram bio is easier to read by the users. Almost everyone simply scans the information instantly to know about a brand. Nobody has got time to put extra effort into reading bios anyway.

You can make your Instagram bio easier to read by using line breaks when writing your bio. To add the next line, click on shift and then enter. This will create a new line, not a new paragraph.

This will also make it easier for Instagram users to quickly scan the information. You can also add emojis before starting a new line to make it even easier and give a more human side to your brand. Don’t forget the bio’s character limit!

3.    Add a CTA Button

Since Instagram offers to add a CTA button to your bio, you should take advantage of this. You can use various CTAs related to your current business goals. For instance, do you want to drive traffic to your site? Want customers to shop for a new collection? Get a discount? Or maybe you want them to book your services?

Whatever it is, make sure to use it in your CTA button. Moreover, if you have enough space on your bio, you can also add a CTA there to lure Instagram users into taking valuable action.

4.    Add a Clickable URL in Your Bio

Instagram lets you add one URL to your bio, so you should add it in your bio. It’s a great way to drive traffic to wherever you want or capture the attention of users for a certain page.

For example, it could be a landing page, product page, new collection page, your latest article, or a video. Once you add a URL, you will be able to drive traffic to a particular source, and URLs can also be easily changed.

5.    Add Contact Buttons

By adding a contact button to your bio, interested buyers or potential customers can quickly get in touch with you without hassle.

You can add your email address or phone number in the contact button, and once a user clicks on it, they will be immediately redirected to a specific action. As they will be able to reach you easily, there will be an increased probability for them to convert into your customer. 


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