What Are RTP and RNG in Online Slots? How does it Work?


If you are new to the online slot platform, you should know the working of RNG and RTP in the game. RTP refers to Return to Players, while RNG stands for Random Number Generator. Both play crucial roles in gambling games. Most situs slot Terpercaya use them in their gambling games to provide fair outcomes and a great amount to players. However, firstly gamblers need to understand the role of both elements in an online slot game.

Understanding RNG

Experience gamblers have encountered the term RNG various times, as every slot game uses it. An RNG is a desktop program that randomly shuffles the number and splits the outcome. The main aim of designing Random number generator software is to activate several numerical functions that make random outcomes. 

If the online casino uses this software in its game, it is safe, and one can invest money in it. With RNG, results are unpredictable, and no one can guess who will be the winner, even the developer. It shows the credibility of the slot game as well as the platform. There are many online casino games in which this software is used, including:

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Slots
  • Roulette 
  • Card games

In addition, as results are unpredictable, many ordinary gamblers confidently make their bets on slots because winning depends more on luck. RNG shows transparency in online slot games to assure users that their money will not go in vain. 

Are the RNGs 100% Credible?

It is a concern of many players whether the term RNG is entirely reliable and gets them fair outcomes. The answer is that RNG is 100% trustworthy and assures gamblers provide fair winnings. No one can change the numbers as it shuffles all the numbers randomly; if one is lucky enough with the same numbers shown on the screen, they will win the game. 

What is RTP?

RTP, or Return to a player, is something that gamblers should research before starting to play. You can calculate the RTP of the game from a statistic based on the game session. In addition, the RTP percentage is estimated with the player’s average winning amount that they will win for each $100. 

 For example, if the RTP percentage is 94.8% in any slot game, the player will get $94.80 for every bet of $100, and the casino operator takes the rest of the amount. You should consider situs slot terbaik as it provides a high RTP percentage which is beneficial for gamblers. 

Game with more RTP is good for gamblers because they will make more money from these games. In addition, gamblers should go for the slot casino that offers them 95% or more RTP percentage as it is profitable for them. One should avoid the casino that provides them less than 90% RTP as it is more profitable for the casino. 


Players should understand the concept of RNG and RTP to develop a better understanding of online slot games. They will be helpful for the gamblers and ensure them that they will get profit with fair results. One must choose a platform that uses both RNG and RTP in its online gambling games. 


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