Colorado Travel Bucket List: 8 Cool Places to Visit


If you’re planning to visit Colorado, there are some places you should not forget to visit! We are here to help you plan a perfect trip with our Colorado travel bucket list: 8 cool places to visit.

Island Lake

Island Lake is, hands down, a must-visit location that should be added to your Colorado travel bucket list. This is an amazingly scenic location that can be reached by hiking if you pay a visit to the San Juan National Forest. The forest, itself, is well worth your time and effort to visit and enjoy the many hiking trails there. However, the lake itself really lives up to something straight out of a fairy tale. The crystal clear, blue-tinted water. The amazing backdrop of the mountains. It all comes together to paint a picture you are not likely to forget any time soon. It also helps that you can travel here on a budget relatively easily, so the trip won’t cost you much at all. 

Rocky Mountain National Park

It is quite impossible to cover a Colorado travel bucket list without mentioning the Rocky Mountain National Park. This is one of the most popular national parks in the entirety of the US, and for good reason! It has pretty much everything a nature lovers would enjoy: scenic drives, hikes to brave, alpine lakes to visit, and even some snowcapped mountains to admire. It also helps that there’s so many notable spots within the park, such as the Emerald Lake and Bear Lake, or even the Trail Ridge Road. You can also relatively easily to set yourself up for exploring it. You can make camp at nearby cities such as Lakewood, after all. As the experts from Homegrown Moving and Storage like to point out, there’s few better options for keeping your items safe while you’re off hiking for days than renting out a storage unit.

Garden of the Gods

There is a good reason why Garden of the Gods was given such a grand name. The rock formations in the area alone are unique enough to prompt anyone to organize a trip here! And yet, the area is also full of beautiful natural sights and plenty of hiking trails you can take to enjoy them. You may be tempted to visit during spring or summer when it is easy to enjoy a trip here. However, we recommend you consider a trip during winter, too, since the Garden looks absolutely magical under a fresh layer of snow.

Fox Hollow Golf Course

If you enjoy slightly ‘tamer’ activities, then you should definitely add a visit to the Fox Hollow Golf Course to your Colorado travel bucket list. The course is located in Lakewood city, which means that it’s at the base of the Rocky Mountains. The view is, of course, breathtaking. And it can serve as the perfect place to wind down and relax after a strenuous hike through the mountains themselves. Courses suitable for all levels of golf players can be found here. So, even if you’ve never held a golf stick in your life, you’ll be able to have fun! As a nice little bonus, since you would be located within a city, if you need Lakewood mover or storage assistance, you can easily turn to experts in the area.  

Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells is one of the most beautiful locations Colorado has to offer. The two peaks the area is named after frame a stunning mix of water and mountainous scenery. And are a target of so many photographers that the images of this place can be found all over the internet. For good reason, of course, since you can just sit and admire the view for hours on end. You can just take your time and explore, since it seems like there’s something new and beautiful to see every second! Very convenient if you are trying to manage your money while traveling, since nature provides plenty of fun at no cost! 

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

The main draw of the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park is, of course, the George itself. Located high above the Arkansas River, the suspension bridge is a heart-stopping experience. If you can gather enough courage to enjoy the experience, the view is truly something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. If not, then one of the gondolas that carry you over the George is a nice replacement. The aforementioned gondolas can be found at the adventure park located at the gorge, and it is a place you must visit, too! There’s a ton of fun activities such as ziplining and even a rollercoaster. 


Silverton is an interesting and unique location to visit within Colorado. It is a former mining town, and now serves as a National Historic Landmark! It is also home to the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Train, which is an interesting experience all on its own. History lovers will really love it here, and even for those less enthused with the past, the eateries, hiking trails and souvenir shops provide plenty of things to do and places to visit and enjoy!

Stanley Hotel

The final destination we recommend you add to your Colorado travel bucket list is the Stanley Hotel. Yes, that Stanley Hotel, from The Shining, better known as the most haunted hotel in Colorado. The hotel itself is a beautiful and interesting place to visit, even without the history and stories associated with it. If you can discard all that and just relax, we guarantee you’ll enjoy a visit! And if you can’t and you visit for the thrill of it? Well, tons of people describe spooky things they’ve experienced here every year! Of course, compared to what’s shown in The Shining, the experiences are very tame, but that doesn’t make them any less eerie!

Tailor your Colorado travel bucket list to your family

With our Colorado travel bucket list: 8 cool places to visit, you can make sure that your visit to this beautiful state makes the best of your time and resources! Of course, take into account the preferences of your family members if you are planning a group trip. That way, everyone can have just as much fun together and make amazing memories.


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