River Valley Student Killed

River Valley Student Killed


On July 19, 2021, a male student in secondary one at River Valley High School in Boon Lay, Singapore, was allegedly slain with an axe. A river valley student killed this secondary one student. The alleged attacker, a 16-year-old male student in Secondary Four, was detained shortly after the purported unprecedented assault in Singaporean history.

River Valley student’s tragic murder has devastated a family, friends, and school community. During this tough period, his family is extremely thankful for the outpouring of emotion, assist, and good wishes.

About the Attack

The attack took place at around 2.20 pm on Friday. A 15-year-old boy was using the toilet at the time and was injured in the incident. The boy died in hospital hours later.”He was only a secondary one student at River Valley High School,” said a police source.”It is not clear why he was murdered, but he suffered injuries to his head and body, so we suspect some sort of axe attack.”

The incident happened in a restroom on the 4th floor of River Valley High School. Some pupils observed the suspect, a 16-year-old Secondary Four student, standing outside the toilet with an axe. The pupils ran into their classroom and started a lockdown drill while the man begged them to contact the police. The second group declared a lockdown when the suspect asked for the same thing inside the school. Both teams informed their instructors.

The suspect was accosted by a teacher, who told him to lay the axe down. The suspect was escorted into a conference hall after giving in to the order. The dead victim, a boy pupil in Secondary One, was later discovered inside the restroom. He had several wounds that the axe had allegedly made. He was thirteen years old.

The Singapore Police Department later caught the suspect. Until about 3:30 pm, the entire class was placed on lockdown. After the next vacation of Hari Raya Haji, students came to class on July 21. About 540 pupils and teachers received counseling the days after the incident, and the ministry of education staff took over several lessons.

About the Suspect

The two male minors are not buddies, according to preliminary investigations, the Singapore Police Force stated in a statement issued a few hours after the event. It was also discovered that the suspected criminal had been hospitalized at the Institute of Mental Health two years prior after making a failed suicide attempt.

He apparently bought the axe that was used in the assault online. The suspect was primarily interested in the first individual to use the restroom, according to Channel 8 News. Due to his young age, the Secondary Four student, who cannot be named, was detained on July 20 and transferred to Changi Prison’s Complex Medical Center for a psychiatric assessment in accordance with Singaporean law.

Because he is a minor, the Children and Young Persons Act protects him from punishment; if he is proven guilty of murder, the harshest sentence is life in prison. Criminal defense attorney Peter Fernando will represent the defendant in court. On August 10, a new court decision was issued, extending the suspect’s mental detention by two more weeks. Sunil Sudheesan and Diana Ngiam had already replaced Fernando at that point.

Approximately three days later, the plaintiff was given permission to call his family. Following the completion of his psychological evaluation on August 24, 2021, he was remanded for seven days. The case was continued to October 19 on August 31. His trial had not been scheduled as of yet. The suspect was informed that he would visit Changi Prison and get to meet his loved ones.

A report on December 30, 2022, claims that the child took his O-levels as a private candidate while being detained in custody in November 2022, in accordance with agreements established between the jail administration and the boy’s lawyer Sunil Sudheesan. It was decided that his hearing would occur on January 25, 2023.

The body of a River Valley High School student

A male student in secondary one at River Valley High School in Boon Lay, Singapore, was allegedly slain with an axe. A river valley student killed this secondary student. After killing him, he returned home and hid the body in a toilet block before surrendering it to the police the next day.

The school authorities immediately contacted the police, and they recovered the body of a teenage student who was slain with an axe.

The authorities were able to recover the body due to their swift response. A resident stumbled upon the body and called for help. Officers and paramedics came very quickly and discovered the dearly departed pupil still dressed in his dress code.

Reason for this Murder

The young boys’ killing has shocked the country. The victim’s parents have said there was no way their teenager could have been the assailant since he played poker with friends on Wednesday night. He often stayed at home for fear of being bullied by bullies at school.

It is reported that a male student from River Valley High School in Singapore was killed with an axe. The exact underlying cause is unclear, but it is believed to be drug-related. At this point, they are looking into whether drugs played a role in the murder of the secondary student.

“I believe this is a tragic situation and would like to convey my wholehearted sympathies to the family. My prayers and thoughts are also with them “Sheriff stated.

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The unknown suspect, or a river valley student, killed his school fellow using an axe. The motive for the murder is unclear, but someone else appeared involved in planning and executing the killing.

This is an example of how horrible these killings are in your country. That man killed another man and has no remorse. That is so awful, and we hope this doesn’t happen again because if it happens again, more people will suffer and can’t live their lives normally.


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