Online Vs Offline Gaming – Pros and Cons


While most games today can be played online, offline gaming is still a thing, and nothing is forcing you to play online if the games you like can also be played offline. Playing online may look like the best option, and while it has many advantages, many advantages come from playing offline. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of online vs offline gaming so you can choose the best option depending on your needs and what you’re looking for from your experience. 

Online Games are Usually Free

One of the biggest benefits of online games is that they’re usually either free or have a free play option. You even have online games that will give you money for playing or to encourage you to play the games, like online casino platforms, for instance. Giving a bonus is customary in this industry and some casinos will allow you to not only try their games for free but get a chance of winning real money as well. If you’d like to see a few examples, you can check out BonusFinder in Canada.

Offline Games Don’t Have Game Purchases

While it’s true that many online games can be enjoyed for free, the truth remains that a wide majority of them will try to extract as much money as they can on the back end as possible. With offline games, all you have to do is pay once and you’re done with it. Not only that, but you can also sell these games once you’re done and get a return on your initial purchase.

Offline Games Allow Players to Develop at their Own Pace

Online games are not always the most welcoming to new players. While many of them will have servers catering to players of different levels, there are often issues with them that are overlooked. For example, there is no real way to know the true level of players, and it’s not unusual for advanced players to play on lower servers either because they are on the lower rung of the ladder on their regular servers, or simply because they want to have fun against newbies.

You also have games that simply don’t have a tier system where you’ll be forced to play highly skilled players. This is often the case with browser-based free-to-play FPS games and some mobile racing games. 

One of the great things about offline games is that you can set the difficulty level, and many games will have in-game tutorials allowing you to improve your skills. This allows players to progress gradually and have fun while doing so.

Online Games Allow You to Go Against Real Players

While playing against the CPU can be great for newbies, the fact remains that the vast majority of players would rather play against real players, and this is one of the main reasons why online games are so popular. There is nothing like getting a kill on an online game and being able to banter with the victim in a furious back and forth after. This is something you can only get through online gaming.

Not to mention the fact that AI will never truly be able to replicate the reactions of an actual gamer, and many games today still have some glaring glitches. There’s also a certain level of satisfaction in knowing that you beat an actual human instead of a program.

Both online and offline games can be fun depending on what type of gamer you are. If you’re a hardcore gamer, however, you should be able to find great options on both sides and should not neglect one for the other.


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