6 Reasons Why Your Vape Liquid is Not Giving Any Flavour!


Nothing is worse than discovering unexpectedly that your favourite vape liquid produces a faint flavour or no taste. This tutorial assists you in determining the potential causes of your e-cigarette vapour’s bad taste. Once you know what they are, you have more than enough options to enhance your vape’s flavours. Vape coils play a pivotal role in how your vape flavour gives you a kick. When we talk about coils, aspire coils are top-quality ones.

Let’s explore some of the most evident reasons behind this irritating phenomenon! 

What’s Stopping you From Enjoying the Flavour of your Vape Liquid? 

Using the incorrect e-liquids or the wrong concentration of nic salts and failing to prime fresh vape coils can result in a tasteless vape. Incorrect device wattage or airflow settings frequently cause poor or nonexistent flavour in e-cigarettes. A good battery can provide heat to your vape coils, and the quality of the matter you can choose from options like aspiring coils or Innokin coils.

Some other reasons are as follows:

  • Poor Airflow

With even the smallest puffs, mouth-to-lung e-cigarettes are made to deliver brief bursts of incredibly flavorful vapour. This implies that if you let too much air in, they will offer you less flavour. The flavour of your vape might also be ruined by the improper type of airflow entering your device.

  • Using your New Coil Without Priming

a brand-new disposable coil, vaping on it might result in a tasteless or, worse, burned or dry hit. Tank systems that employ replacement cotton coils frequently experience this.  Aspire Coils are a popular choice as they are strong enough to heat your vape liquid.

The liquid in your tank won’t have time to reach the heating element if you start vaping right after you’ve inserted the new coil. And as a result, you get a flavourless or peculiar-tasting vape.

  •  Using a Thick Vape Liquid 

In certain vape devices, excessively thick e-liquid might flow slowly, leading to subpar vaporisation, bland flavours, or even no flavour at all. This occurs when individuals make their e-liquid mixtures without heating, with too much VG, or with insufficient water. 

Almost all vape liquids contain at least a small amount of VG to provide smoothness and sweetness. However, using too much of it will only ruin the flavour of your vape, leaving you with absolutely no flavour.

  • Inappropriate Mouthpiece 

Your mouth may have to expand too widely if your mouthpiece is overly large and clunky. As a result, you taste very little of the vapour that enters your mouth since it passes right over your tongue. Narrow mouthpieces give you a better flavour, so consider using them!

  • Overfilled Tank

The amount of vapour entering and leaving your device might impact vapour output and flavour. Vapour production and flavour will also decrease if your device is blocked by tissue, dust, congealed e-liquid, or overfilled with juice.

  • Overheated Vape Kit 

To increase the power and flavour of their vape, people frequently increase the wattage of their devices. But some flavour frequencies may lessen or even vanish when the vapour from your e-cigarette becomes too heated. 

Warm vapour might intensify the flavour of your vape, but you might not be getting the entire spectrum of flavours that your vape juice offers. A good vape coil like Geek Vape Coil can make things worthwhile for you.


So, these are some of the major reasons, despite the vaper’s tongue, that can become a hurdle for you in enjoying the flavour of your vape juice. Try avoiding these, and voila! You will be able to enjoy your vaping as before!


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