Blunders to Avoid When it Comes to Vaping Etiquette


Without even realizing it, many people fail to practice proper vaping etiquette and inconvenience others as a result. Still, while you may not be aware of the ways in which you’re inconveniencing others, the people on the receiving end are likely to feel that you’re acting out of inconsideration or outright indifference. Fortunately, a bit of self-awareness and a willingness to change certain behaviors can be a boon to proper vape etiquette. Anyone looking to step up their vape etiquette game would do well to avoid the following blunders.

Vaping in Crowded Public Spaces 

Since vaping is prohibited in the vast majority of public spaces, you’d be wise to keep your vape pen tucked away in public. If you’re caught vaping in a store, restaurant or other public space, you’re likely to receive an undesirable reaction from employees and customers alike. Instead of merely being asked to stop vaping at once, consequences may extend to full-on bans and/or large fines. This is bound to be all the more embarrassing if you’re with someone at the time. Humiliating yourself is bad enough – the last thing you want is to embarrass friends and/or family members in the process. So, if you won’t abstain from vaping in public spaces for the sake of your own dignity, just think of how your actions affect the people around you.  

Blowing Vape Clouds at Other People 

Blowing vapor clouds in the direction of other people has always been rude, but during an active pandemic, it’s outright dangerous. Given the highly infectious nature of COVID-19 and its ability to spread through the air, blowing vape clouds at others places them at potential risk of infection. Since COVID-19 infections can be mildly symptomatic and asymptomatic, you could be infected with the novel coronavirus and not even realize it. Furthermore, even if you have a mild or asymptomatic case, there’s no guarantee that the people you infect will be as fortunate. So, if you’re in a situation where you’re unable to vape without blowing clouds in the direction of others, you’ll need to abstain from vaping until you’re able to do so safely.     

Responding with Anger 

If a friend, family member, coworker or total stranger requests that you stop vaping in their presence, you may be tempted to respond defiantly or with anger. However, regardless of how frustrated you are by this request, you need to realize that what’s being asked of you is perfectly reasonable. Getting angry will only make the situation even more awkward and uncomfortable and potentially damage important relationships long-term. 

Attempting to Stealth Vape 

If you’re unfamiliar, “stealth vaping” refers to the practice of vaping in a subtle manner – usually in spaces and settings where vaping isn’t allowed. No matter how sly or sneaky you think you’re being, such behavior is highly unlikely to go unnoticed. When it is, one of two things is likely to happen. You’ll either be called out and embarrassed or silently admonished. Remember – just because people aren’t calling attention to what you’re doing doesn’t mean they aren’t aware of it.  

Failing to Ask Permission 

When vaping in the presence of another person or in someone else’s home, it is imperative that you ask permission. No matter how well you and the individual in question know one another, asking permission is a sign of basic respect. There are quite a few reasons someone might not want you vaping around them, so assuming that everyone in your circle is okay with it is pure folly on your part. 

For good measure, take care to ask for permission every time you wish to vape in front of someone. Keep in mind that one affirmative answer doesn’t necessarily mean their response will always be a yes. Furthermore, take care to earnestly answer any questions your friends and family members may have about vaping, such as “What is an RDA?”


Vaping etiquette is far more important to the people around you than you may think. While your nearest and dearest may not have a problem with vaping in general, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have free rein to do it in their presence. Furthermore, certain breaches of vaping etiquette are liable to draw the ire of coworkers, business owners and assorted strangers. To actively minimize your chances of committing a vaping etiquette faux pas, avoid engaging in the behaviors discussed above. 


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